it’s April 1st…you know what that means right??


So today is April 1st and so that means it’s the start of the A-Z challenge… you can find out more about that here:

But short version is each day (except Sundays time off for good behaviour) we blog about the letter of the day 1st April is A, 2nd April is B etc etc.. a lot of people have joined this challenge and some of us chose themes, I didn’t get to strict with the theme because who knows what might pop up. But my “loose theme” is going to be the same as this blog “My Family” some of the letters I’ll introduce you to family members and some of the blogs I’ll share with you family happenings or traditions etc.

Today is brought to you by the letter “A”


Amber… in this blog she has previously been known as “Daughter number 2” because technically she is my second daughter. She was born 23rd March 1992 at 11.20 pm, it’s very clear to me still, I was overdue with her and it was hot, that day had been 40 C and the next day was threatening to be even hotter, and her Dad came home from day shift and said “If you could have the baby today that would be great I wouldn’t have to go to work tomorrow” I laughed and said “I wish” I wasn’t as big with her as daughter number 1, but it was hot and uncomfortable. So he suggested “Why don’t you try that old wives remedy castor oil and orange juice?” as if I even knew where to buy castor oil??! So off he went and about an hour later he came home with a bottle of OJ and a bottle of castor oil, and mixed me up a glass.. we didn’t tell anyone and we didn’t know how much to make and it was F-O-U-L! I drank it at 5.30 pm.


Amber, Scarlett and I, three Generations. March 2015

Cooked dinner and cleaned the house and about 7.30 pm noticed that I was having “Braxton Hicks” contractions (or so I thought!) never mind there were chores to be done, number one was put to bed, folding clothes and getting the things prepared for the next day. The husband was on the phone to his friend laughing about how  “We (meaning me!) had taken castor oil and orange juice but it wasn’t working” So I got on the phone to talk to the friend’s wife and we were laughing and she said “oh if anything happens let me know, if not I’ll talk soon” and we hung up.

So I went off to the loo at 8.30 pm and POP my waters broke.. OH SHOOT!! it was working!!

So my husband called back our friends and said “Hey Guess what her waters broke” and then we didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! I called the hospital they said if I was managing alright to stay at home as long as I could before coming in, so that gave the husband time to take daughter number one to his parents for the night and I continued calmly folding the laundry, double checking I had everything in my hospital bag and writing my husband a list of routines he needed to do for number one child. Finally at 10.30 pm we decided “let’s go” and off we went to the hospital a leisurely 5 minute drive and at that time of the night no traffic too easy! We had endless paperwork to fill in and in between breathing and contractions I asked them “Why can’t he do this and let me go up tot he labour ward?” NO she said this has to be done before you go upstairs. So I’m ready to push.. those who know me know that I do not get confrontational but anyone who’s had a bay knows that there’s a stage when you get snarky you can’t help it, I guess it’s the hormones, so I got bitchy and snapped “Do you want this baby born on your FLOOR?” In the lift they pushed me and I was in the room only 20 minutes before baby girl Hamilton arrived in the world. a healthy 9 pound one ounce. exactly a pound and an ounce heavier than her sister. Back then, they didn’t tell you the sex at Ultrasounds at least not at my hospital so everyone was so sure that I was having a boy.. so I had NO GIRL names chosen at all, and I was horrified when they said it was a girl. I made my husband go check and then I pronounced “I didn’t want another girl I wanted a boy” too bad the DR explains we have what we are given. So the next problem was the “Name” Oh the name… I didn’t have a name I didn’t even have the idea of a  name.. so this nice young Male Dr said “you what name I haven’t heard for ages?” we all turned to him and asked him “WHAT??” he said “Amber” and so she was named Amber!

We have since found out that year and in fact that month there were a few Amber’s born and my Amber knows one born the day before her… so he was wrong!

Fast forward 23 years.. she has been my “typical” middle child, She’s as opposite as Chalk and cheese from her sister. She knows how to work every one of my nerves and especially loves to play with my Last Nerve to the point where at time I’ve wanted to murder her.. but she is also so much like me that we could be twins. I wish I had a dollar for every person who has ever said to me “Amber is the image of you!” and mannerisms are like me too.

So now you’ve met Amber.. please stop by tomorrow and see what I can find to share!


30 thoughts on “it’s April 1st…you know what that means right??

  1. Kim, a wonderful first post!
    I audio recorded the birth of both of my boys (video was not allowed by my wife for the birth of number 2 though we have their first meeting on video!) and they are treasures
    Looking forward to more!

  2. I heard of that “trick” to induce labor with castor oil but never knew that it worked on anyone 🙂 Great story to start the A/Z challenge 🙂


    • It worked for me Betty, but boy did I ever get a lecture, the nurses don’t like you to do it because it can make the babies be born too quickly potentially causing risks.. Oops! But honestly she was big and that was my easiest out of the four labours.

  3. You are blessed to have Amber!! As much as I wanted a girl, I have two boys!! So there, you never get what you want, I suppose, but again, what we have does make us incredibly happy and blessed!! HE knows best!

    • Oh yes for sure!! When I did get my boy it was heart ache all the way, making that saying “be careful what you wish for” very true. I believe he thought I needed to learn patience with Amber, and thankfully I did.

    • I am kinda a bit “bossy mum when we are all together I am always the one with the camera telling people where to stand and with whom and now of course we all have iphones and the dreaded “selfies” are everywhere. I used to hate them, thinking I look bad in photos but now I realise that I want them to have those memories, especially with the Grandbabies as well… I want them to know me as well. So now I photo bomb as much as I can and some of them even turn out cute. But either way, they will have photographic proof I was there with them once. I didn’t grow up with Grand parents and the few photos I have with My Dad are precious beyond words, so I guess I am making sure my family don’t have my regrets.

      • I am constantly behind the camera or was until I started writing and blogging then I realised I was going to have to get used to actually showing my face at least now I even post a vlog once a week. My son loves me getting the camera out he is only 6 and loves posing but getting the daughter in shot requires serious blackmail or MI5 covert operation style photo taking lol

      • Hmm, I don’t know what to suggest to get her into the photos with you, maybe mine are just more vain and like their own faces ha ha!

  4. I loved your story. It sounds like your #2 daughter and my #2 son were similar experiences. He didn’t have a name for over a week because we were expecting a girl 🙂 … and yes, he is as different from his brother as 2 boys can be!!

  5. I’ll have to keep the Castor Oil and OJ trick in mind for the future! What a great topic to kick off the A to Z challenge. 🙂

  6. aaww.. that was a recollection of Amber! I’m sure you’re beaming with pride for the wonderful beautiful daughter she is!!
    so the old wives remedies work, that gud to know although castor oil in any forms sounds “yuck” to me!! but there are some hme remedies granny used to suggest and at times I still follow them! 😀

    • Well they say the old ways are the best ways, but then again I’ve also heard that people have used castor oil to no avail so who really knows. And yes! I am very proud of both my daughters you’ll meet daughter number one in letter J

  7. Hi Kim
    Nice to be here today,
    Your posts from the day one is really impressive one!
    Keep it up keep writing.
    will come again to check and read more.
    Hey, i missed something at the sidebar, a to z logo is
    missing please place one so that your visitors will know
    you are a participant.
    Have a wonderful blogging time ahead.
    I am Philip Ariel @Philipscom
    A Minion to A to Z Challenge @J L Campbells’s Joyful Brigade

    • Hello Philip, thanks for visiting, I was unable to upload the logo for some reason, and now I am away only on my ipad, so limited again, I will try and upload it again on Monday when I get back home to my laptop!

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