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Oh don’t groan!! I know you might be tired of this subject but a “Family” themed blog without my Grand babies would not work!

So let me introduce you to my “Babies” for the letter B… technically it can be argued that at 20 months and 16 months they are NOT babies but toddlers, but they will always be “my Babies” no matter how old they are!

Becoming a Grandma was always going to be exciting but the first one was so unexpected even I was lost for words, a strange occurrence for me.

I received a phone call one July morning in 2013 from a social worker I’d never heard of about a girl I’d heard of in snippets who had just given birth to my “grand child Umm.. err.. WHAT?!! Apparently my then 18-year-old son had become a father! I’d heard the rumors from my middle child and she said A lot of people doubted that he was in fact the father but anyways I’d become a “grandmother” and she asked “How do you feel?” hmmm, on the spot much? So I honestly spoke my mind and told her that if in fact that new-born girl was MY grandchild I would love her unconditionally, and we would like to be a part of her life and get to know her… so months went by and phone calls and messages through Facebook between the mother of my “grandchild” that I’d never laid eyes on, and my middle daughter who knew the girl.

Then in November- the 21st at 11.43 pm 2013 my Sweetpea was born, 6 pounds 13 oz. I was with her at her birth and stayed with her the first night and day of her life Amber was in pretty bad shape, she’d had a hard labour. All focus was on her, what a small sweet bundle of love!

Grand daughter Scarlett

Grand daughter Scarlett

Two weeks later, 5th December 2013 our handsome Brown eyed boy arrived via C-Section, I was with my eldest daughter as they struggled to bring him from her womb, upside down and head wedged under her ribs, she ended up needing forceps as well, he so didn’t want to be born! This boy child weighed in at 8 pound 11 oz, with the juiciest dimples started talking almost immediately, no one had heard of a newborn so vocal, he just didn’t shut up!


                                                                       Chase John, Mr Have-a-chat!

Then in the January of 2014,  another phone call asking if my Son would like to meet his daughter? of course he would, we had suspicions until that day! My eldest daughter drove J and I to meet this baby, all we knew was her name was “Inara Rose” which is Arabic and means “Illuminating or shining” All three of us were nervous as we sat in the waiting room, the social worker had gone to collect Inara and bring her to the meeting place.  In she walked and uncovered this child and all three of us gasped… Inara was the image of her cousin Scarlett, slightly bigger but the resemblance was there! And she looked like my son!


Inara Rose the first time we met her!

Suddenly it got very real that we have three Grandbabies.

Sadly things didn’t turn out very happily ever after, and we do not get to see Inara. My Son lost numerous court battles and  a lot of his confidence, the maternal Grandma has custody and we send gifts for birthdays. I hope and pray that some day Inara will want to find her Father’s family and that she will come looking with questions that we have answers to, and I am journalling about her as I journal for the other two babies. I wish we had access to Inara she is so like her Dad… but in the mean time, I send cards and presents and keep our address current so she can come looking for us.


All three of my “babies” together


Our Fridge is our Baby Gallery.


Grandma with Inara Rose.


Grandma With Scarlett Olivia


Grandma with Chase John


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