C is for….. (triple treat!)


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Today is for letter “C” todays post is brought to you from our Easter holiday, we are at our “CARAVAN” (first C word), in the sleepy seas side town of St Leonards, I’m not going to tell you all about that you can read about it here: https://kimlhine.wordpress.com/?s=St+Leonards

So my “Cousin” (second C word) (I’ll talk more about her later in the A-Z challenge) is down here with her family, my star son and I drove down here yesterday with my Cousin and her daughter, we always have lots of fun! Have a look!

LeCuzz, Rachael, Star Son and Me with Polly the Dog.

LeCuzz, Rachael, Star Son and Me with Polly the Dog.

Then Last night my Bestest Best Friend and her Husband and two of her sons came down for the weekend. I have been friends with Deanne for 27 years now, Oh!! Wow, that makes us sound old!  I will chat about Deanne later in the A-Z challenge, but I briefly introduced Deanne here : https://kimlhine.wordpress.com/2014/10/03/blogtoberfest-day-1/

We had preplanned that while we were down here on holiday, we would do some of our “Crochet” (third C word) so we are currently crocheting a hooded Scarf each, since we are “Football tragic Mums” and have to spend hours standing around in the winter weather, we need to keep warm!


I am doing mine in Navy Blue and Gold which is Star Son’s football team “Rupertswood” colours.


So today at our Caravan, with my Cousin and Bestie, we did lots of crochet, check back here to see the end result of our “Hooded Scarfe”

Oh!! I forgot to tell you how this ties in with my “family” theme… When I was a young girl maybe 10 or 11, I would spend the school holidays with my Aunt on her farm, and she taught me to crochet Granny Squares. Fast forward many years, Deanne and I were both pregnant with our first sons, so we crochet blankets for them both, and then my Cousin Lee got into crochet and she reads the patterns and then shows me. Then when daughter number one was pregnant and wanted to give up smoking she needed something to keep her hands busy, so I taught her to crochet, and this weekend, Star son and Deanne’s son, they are both 13 yrs old, want to learn to crochet, and so we teach another branch on our family trees! Yay for crochet, a bonding experiance!

Next comes “D” pre warning you, I’m writing about my Dad and so it might make me cry!


13 thoughts on “C is for….. (triple treat!)

  1. ooooh lovely recollection there!! i have very fond memories of my childhood with my cousins, and being the youngest had it perks cos everyone took the fall for me!! 😀 and crochet – well i tried learning to crochet but realised its not my cuppa tea! 😦

    • Its true alot of people do not like crochet, I like it because its quick and easy to fix when you make mistakes… Like yesterday I had to pull more than half of mine out.. i had missed stitches, but it grows so quickly I fixed it soon enough.

    • Thanks Trisha, I think we are only here for a short time let’s make the most of it, and I try to have a learning experience in each day, so that a day is not wasted!

    • Me too Corina, my husband can knit and so could my Dad! Of course my Star Son thinks it “weird” but still he wants to give it a go!
      Corina how are you feeling? Im still praying twice daily and I have a Pastor Friend on the job as well!!

      • I’m in some discomfort and pain but I can manage. The good news is that I got word that my application for financial assistance with the hospital bill was approved so the surgery is back on schedule but not until the 16th of April. I am feeling more at ease now just knowing it will be done. Thank you so much for asking and for caring!

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