H is for….. lots of pics in this post!


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Today is brought to you by the letter “H” and the story of “The day I became a Hine

SORRY ANOTHER LONG POST (I suck at doing short writing pieces!)

Little bit of background history first… I met my future husband in December 2000, in a chat room on the yahoo site we were in a chat room called “Melbourne locals” it even sounds like a “pick up joint” my cousin Lee and I had actually met a lot of the people in this particular room so when a new one showed up we were eager to make friends with that strange name too.. his user name was R N R phantom which looked like rnrphantom and somehow I thought that was MR phantom, I figured “phantom” was probably the Comic strip hero, but why the MR? so I asked him.. he quickly corrected me it was R N R Okay, so why that name? it stood for “Rock ‘n’ Roll” I asked “like as in Elvis and stuff?” d’uh! and he said yes and started rattling off all these other 50’s rock ‘n’ roll people I’d never heard of… that became the start of a great learning curve for me. My User name was Ms_Millenniumgal and he shortened it to “Ms Mille” the name stuck for many years. I was separated and just getting over the hurt of all that I was sworn off men, but happy to chat to another single parent, he was also divorced a lot longer than me and missed “adult conversation” he had an 11 yr old son. So we started chatting the gaps in his conversation got longer and longer and I assumed I had bored him to tears so he’d left, but no, he had gone to tuck in his son, who had been “teaching Dad how to use the ‘net”  So he comes back and says “Sorry I am so slow I type like a bloke with two left hands” we laughed and he suggested that he call me because then he could answer my questions faster. And so it began!

It turns out he worked not 10 minutes from my house however he lived 40 minutes away in Sunbury.. I’d never even heard of Sunbury.. such an inner city gal was I! We talked about anything and everything and he said he baked “chocolate mud muffins” and how good they were, which lead to my love of chocolate and especially mint chocolate. It turned out that his work was breaking up the next week for the end of the year and he would be going away till new Year with his Son camping, he dropped his son off at the mum’s and then he went to the mountains and camped and went back to collect his son on the way home. So he asked “Next time I’m going past your street to a company for work, can I drop in for a coffee?” I said yes because I never expected it would happen.. then the next week I get the text message, “on my way to the company, can I drop by with muffins? put on the kettle” I freaked out a little  bit what if he was an ax murderer or something although we chatted on the phone who really knew! So I called my cousin over to chaperon.

There are my door stood a very tall, very well dressed business man, holding a bag with chocolate mud muffins and a wrapped gift. It was a box of chocolate mint thins! Because he remembered I liked Mint. He was handsome and well spoken and nervous, and he couldn’t stay long, which was okay, because I was thinking “this is going no where we have less than nothing in common”  So I did not expect to hear much more from him. We spoke on the phone that night and he said “when I get back in January can we meet for coffee or dinner or something?” I said “yes” but thought it won’t happen.

He went on his holidays and we texted and spoke on the phone a few times, and I found that I was enjoying listening to him and getting to know him. Then I got a phone call from the top of “Green Mountain” in Queensland in the National park called “Lamington National park“, where he was camping, he said “I don’t know how long the reception will last here but I was missing you so I wanted to call and say Happy New Year!” Okay, I confess my heart skipped a beat!

Then he was ‘home” again and he tells me he’s left his son with his mother in Queensland and they will fly him home later in the month, so he was “kid free” did we want to meet for coffee or anything? One Saturday afternoon, he had worked the morning so he picked me p on the way home, we had chocolate mud muffins and coffee, walked his dog “blue” and then had a beer home-made of course! As a first date it was laid back and casual.

We both agreed that we didn’t want a relationship “just friends” and so we went on from there, his son met my kids and they all got on well, so we started doing “family” stuff, picnics, walks in the park stuff like that.

Easter I got really sick, I could not keep any food down, I was feverish it hurt to breath I was sure I was going to die.. it turned out I had Gall Stones and was rushed to hospital on the Tuesday for surgery. The Bloke had promised me he would take me to see a Melbourne “rock ‘n’ roll” band and introduce me to that life style on the Saturday night, but here I was in hospital with evil-looking yellow eyes, so instead he brought me a poster they had all signed and stuck it on the hospital wall.  Eventually I was released from hospital and we both realized that the “friends only” thing wasn’t working, there was a connection. Fast forward, while I was recovering from the surgery, the birth control pill had no been effective and before you know it… (I know the exact day!) I found out I was pregnant.

Neither of us were prepared for it, and he handled it very badly, and said “He didn’t want to go through all that again” that’s fair enough he had a then 12 yr old son he didn’t need a baby, and so I fully prepared myself to raise this baby alone, just with my three children and the new baby. It wasn’t until about 6 months into it he decided that he “had to do the right thing” which I disagreed with,I was prepared to do it alone, not with his pity. Eventually after many tears and tantrums we agreed that we would “give it a go”

In the December of 2001, my divorce became final and when I had separated from my first husband and he swiftly moved on, I had taken back my maiden name and I was once again Me! I was 34 and ME.. not someone’s wife or house slave just me. I had not been my maiden name since I was 19 yrs old so I was enjoying it. In the January of 2002, we (the three children and I) moved to Sunbury, invaded the Bloke’s house, where previously it was him and Kit suddenly it became a big family.. four kids and a “mother and father” and soon a baby brother..”Star Son” was born January 23rd and the children went back to school on January 28th, so soon it was just me and this perfectly formed little baby all alone in a big house with no friends and or family.. it was lonely to say the least. Then he asked me to Marry him… WHY?? we have everything we need, we have a family and we have a relationship, things re okay why shake them up.. panic was setting in.. Star Son had his name so what was the issue? he is old-fashioned and thinks that if it’s good enough to live with someone and although not planned, have a baby with someone then it’s good enough to marry that someone. There went that feeling of being “me” suddenly I was about to be a wife again!

BUT.. this time things were very different, and this “husband” was a talker, a solver, he wouldn’t let us go to sleep on a disagreement, until he was happy it was solved, which meant a lot of sleepless nights for me.. we did family counselling, we did marriage counselling ALL of this before we even GOT married.

We both decided that we had done the “traditional” wedding idea, where you meet, you fall in love, you get married in a church with the big white dress, buy a house, have some kids and live happily ever after, both of us did that and for both of us it didn’t work.. so let’s shake things up a bit!

In October 2002, we brought a house, two reasons, 1- Star Son was sleeping in a cot in the walk in robe,not an ideal situation we needed more room. 2- My house in Preston had been sold and I had a large sum of money, so we invested it in “Castle Camelot” we moved in on my 35th birthday and I asked my Bloke, “what happens when I turn 40? how will you top this house?” this id my dream house, it soon became our family home.. a safe place where children brought friends and where family would come and hang out, we planted trees and nested and planned for a wedding.. everything was backwards and we were happy… baby first, then the house and finally the wedding.

I asked my Bestest best friend to help me plan the wedding, we could choose any “theme” we wanted to because it couldn’t be a “normal” wedding. in March 2004 My Bestie was turning 30 and so her husband wanted to organize a surprise party and could I help get her out of the house.. yes I could! we went for a day trip to Kryal Castle a medieval recreated theme park type place on the edge of Ballarat, While we were there we wandered into the chapel and witnessed a wedding , the celebrant was dressed medieval style, the who thing was like watching a theater production and my bestie and I looked at each other and said “yes!!”

From that day forward we began planning out own Medieval theater production also known as “Lord Robert and Princess Kim’s” wedding. The story behind this style of wedding was we were assumed to be “royalty” and so the wedding was set up so that we all had royal names and Deanne and I spent months researching the time line to try to be as accurate as we could on a tight budget. Ebay is a wonderful tool and Deanne and I spent many hours on Yahoo messenger talking back and forth and comparing ideas and time lines. Originally we planned to have the whole wedding at Kryal castle, but then that fell through so instead we had it at the local park, the celebrant helped us with the planning details and we were even able to use the Eagle that would have been used if we had the wedding at the castle, the keepers brought the Wedgetail Eagle and the Kestrel to the wedding for the photos, we had a bag piper and costumes. We found  a local lady who agreed to make all our dresses and the men’s complete  wedding clothes. We also found a place to hire the swords because in medieval times they would have been knights and had their swords. We brought our own sword which we will keep for future generations, and the date was set 29th February 2004– a leap year AND my husband’s real birthday, if we got married on his birthday he would never forget our anniversary and every four years on the actual leap year we would have a second honeymoon.

It turned out brilliantly.. the weather was nice, a little windy and it turned chilly at night but other wise it was a good day, we had a buffet style dinner on our back deck which we decorated ourselves and had a great time doing. Our photographer was a new young girl, and she took excellent shot and we had people wandering over to the grove of peppercorn trees which we named “Peppercorn Chapel” for the day, to see what was going on.We also ended up being in the national newspaper in a double page spread because it was so unusual and they had seen our photo from the local paper which someone had sent our wedding photos to. We asked people to dress in theme, some most did some did not, but we still had a lovely looking bridal party! We spent one night in a fancy motel and then went back to being a family the next day as though nothing extraordinary had happened. Two weeks later we had a four-day honeymoon at Port Douglas in Far North Queensland.

16 thoughts on “H is for….. lots of pics in this post!

  1. Such a delightful, funny and romantic story! It’s funny how things that seem messy at certain turns (when they don’t happen in the order that we expect) can turn out to be such blessings.

    • Oh yes! I totally agree you know this was before a long time before I started my walk with the Lord, but even back then I said to my Bestie.. it feels like I am being lead, I thought maybe my Dad was watching over me and guiding me to a stable relationship.. my husband is very much like Dad in regards to how he lives his family life.

  2. Oh yes, long, but worth every wonderful word! I enjoyed the whole story and all the terrific pictures. What special memories you have with your blended family celebration. I’m excited that you shared the whole story with us!

    • Thanks Trisha, again, I struggle writing short posts, there’s always something left out when I need to monitor my amount of words… Maybe this wasn’t a good challenge for me to do ha ha!

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