I is for….


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So the whole clan know I am blogging through the alphabet it’s up there with “Mum have you finished your bible Study this morning?” next to “Mum have you blogged today? what letter are “we” up to?

So I asked them all “What can I blog for letter I?”

The overwhelming result was “Ice-cream” come on guys, “How does that relate to family?” and the next over whelming response was “we all love it!” true that! Star Son loves chocolate, Amber likes boysenberries, the Bloke is an old-fashioned kinda guy he loves Vanilla plain and simple, but me, well I like to mix it up and try new things, like the other week I had limecello gelato yum!! Now IF I were blogging about ice cream, I could make this post nice and short look only 141 words so far and that’s about all I could say on that subject so I’m NOT blogging about ice-cream!!

Instead I am blogging on “I am

Whats that mean? who knows.. I am going to share with you a kind of theme song of mine by Helen Reddy called “I am woman” because yes I AM a woman!

When I was a little girl, well a young teen, a school teacher asked me “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I said “A Bricklayer like my Dad” I wanted his business cards to say “Scarffe and Daughter rather than SONS. She went on to tell me that “girls can’t do that!” and so I went home and told Dad, so come Parent teacher night he marches down to the school and asked to see the Careers teacher (not normally on the list of “to see” teachers” and he quietly and calmly told her that she had NO RIGHT to tell his daughter what she could and could NOT be, if she wanted to fly to the moon she could! And then he went on to tell that teacher that he would be removing me from that school and putting me into a trade school where I would be appreciated. Back then I was horrified and embarrassed and almost kind of ashamed but now I look back and I say “Wow, he believed in me all the time”  He sat me down and told me about his job, I knew a lot of it because I’d been to work with him on Saturday mornings, but he went over the designing aspects of building houses and scaffolding and the likes and then he showed me his hands and said “look at my hands cement and lime are hard on your hands” to which I (13 yrs old knew everything right?!) replied “I can wear gloves Daddy” For a while I was going to be a Builder and walk in his footsteps, but then I discovered boys and finger nails and make up and suddenly the idea of wearing overalls and steel capped boots just didn’t sounds like fun… so that dream went away.

My next career choice came the next year when again asked that question, I REALLY don’t remember but my cousin Lee swears by it.. I apparently replied “I want to be a Mother a house wife” I went from one extreme to the other… well I am pleased to report, I have fulfilled that prediction, I AM a wife, Mother, and a housewife” and it took me until I became a Grandmother to accept that this might be all I will ever be. For so many years I’ve gone through my daily life asking “Is this all? What am I supposed to be?” and I had this discussion with a friend and he said “Maybe you are RIGHT where you need to be, maybe it’s your job to guide your family and make them their best, maybe you are doing it, all this time you have been doing what you were put here for” I suddenly had one of those light bulb moments, I AM alright, I AM doing what I AM supposed to be doing, I can stop worrying…

and then I discovered the Lord and he said: Exodus 3:14

God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.'”

I am..

his Lover and their Mother, I am his daughter

I am…

a Child of the Lord.

I am…

A Grandma and a support person

I am…

an Artist and a reader

I am…

a Sewer, a crocheter

I am..

a Traveller…

I am…

a documenter of family stories

I am…

a music lover, and a chocolate lover

I am…

Passionate about my family, they are my world

I am…

a Penpaller and a writer.

I am…

a Sports Mum tragic

I am…

happy in my skin and if you don’t like me it’s OK

I am.. Just me…

I am watching… Redfern Now (on my Ipad)

I am reading: “Adam’s empire” by Evan Green and “24 hours that changed the world” by Adam Hamilton

I am listening to: The Eagles assorted music.

I am Making: a painting my first in oils “The girl with the Pearl earring”

I am feeling: Nostalgic, April brings the sad out in me, too many memories of my Dad gone on the 8th of April for 23 years, I miss him!

I am planning: our next trip Sept- Nov 2015, over to the West Coast of Australia

I am loving: those precious Grand-babies everyday, when does it wear off??

I am also watching this… I AM GIRL!

Oohhh Look a short post!! yay I did it, under a thousand words!

I am ... Me!

I am … Me!


4 thoughts on “I is for….

  1. I think that being a mother and grandmother is the most important thing you can do. It is there that you will make a difference in the world by the way you mother.

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