The big 60!!

Woo hoo, it’s late, 11:25 pm on Friday night, I should be sleeping since I have Squishy tomorrow morning early, but I wanted to finish my latest book, “24 hours that changed the world” by Adam Hamilton. (Book review coming tomorrow, loved this book!!)  The sound on my ipad is turned up and it’s dinging, I said to my Bloke “Someone is on my blog!” My notifications make that sound, and we chatted about my blog, he’d been catching up on my A-Z challenges today while on work break.. And I said “I’m getting close to 60 followers” he said “Maybe I’ll go register and become your 60” he would do that, he’s that kinda bloke.

So I finished my book and come on over and not only had someone been on my blog, she followed me!! (sorry Bloke you can be my 61)

Thank you Maria Maria is my 60th Blog followed, I thought I’d won the lottery when I had 10 blog followers and then 20 never imagining that  60 – s-i-x-t-y people would care enough to read what I have to say. THANK-YOU all who come by and read my words, I love writing them and I’m glad someone is enjoying them!! Please visit Maria for me..



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