S is for…..


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Today is the letter “S


So most of the family has been introduced, you’ve probably met more than I have!! And enough is enough.. so today we’ll do something different… today we are venturing to our holiday place “St Leonards” to go snorkeling under the pier..

So grab your snorkel.. you’ll need a wet-suit it’s cold there and your towel for when we get out.

From Wikipedia.. 

St Leonards is a coastal township near Geelong, Victoria, Australia, at the eastern end of the Bellarine Peninsula and the northern end of Swan Bay. Situated 33 kilometres (21 mi) east of Geelong, St Leonards was a filming location for the Australian television series SeaChange.

The town is surrounded by salt marsh wildlife reserves which provide habitat for hundreds of birds, including the critically endangered Orange-bellied Parrot of which there are less than 200 in the wild. Salt marshes are one of the most biologically productive habitats on the planet, rivalling tropical rainforests. The official motto for St Leonards is “Where everyday is Sunday”

You can also read this earlier post: https://kimlhine.wordpress.com/2015/03/26/something-very-strange-this-way-comes/

Now I can hear you asking “What has this to do with family?” that’s easy!!

Bel Far Niente as we call the holiday places explained in the above post! was originally purchased by my In law’s, My Parent’s in law and their daughter my Sister-in-law jointly brought the property and my father-n-law Jock and Mother-in-law Tanny and Leigh their daughter spent a lot of time fixing up the place, replacing walls and recovering seating and new curtains etc etc and they would take it in turns to go away and spend weekends there.

One weekend when no one was there Rob’s Mum suggested we go and stay so we did and we loved it so much, we considered buying a place there but at that time we also had a car payment and a house mortgage so we held off. When my father-in-law Jock died, his wife Tanny decided that she wouldn’t go back down there without Jock what fun would it be? and Leigh’s children were kind of over the whole weekends away thing and so she decided to sell her potion and so we sold the other car and put that down as deposit on “the Van” and were able to pay Tanny off the remaining money as we could. So suddenly we had a “weekender” and the first thing we did was name it “Bel Far Niente” we have spent many good times down there, I’ve had four children down there at once, I’ve had no children down there. Usually on school holidays Star Son and I spend at least a week down there and most of the summer holidays we go back and forth between home and St. Leonards.

It’s our quiet place so days we do nothing but read or write letters. Some days we’ll be out and about walking or playing at the beach across the road. We’ve had people over for lunches and dinners, and picnics, I even had a few Red Hatters events there when I was the Queen of our chapter. We love our holiday places it’s not fancy but it’s homely and we love it. Now that Star Son has football we considered selling it and staying home and saving that yearly fee, but then we think, “we will miss our little piece of serenity” and we are not quite ready to give that up yet!

When we decided to do out first “Big Lap” of Australia, we planned to go to the Great Barrier Reef, I’d never been before but the Bloke had and so he said to me “you need to learn to snorkel” background info on me.. I hate water!! When I was small I got knocked over my a surfboard at the beach and have hated waters that I can’t touch the bottom of.. ever since.

Once I went on a dolphin Swim with my cousin, and I had a mask that didn’t fit and so water kept flooding into my mask which made me splutter and panic, and they kicked me out of the water saying I was scaring the dolphins away… ho cared I was drowning!! I hated every moment of it and the water was bloody deep, I would not let go of that rope!! I didn’t even bother later on in the day swimming with the seals.. never again!

But I trust my husband in all things and I trust he wont let me drown, just like he wouldn’t let me get hurt riding the motorbike.. same reason.. he didn’t want to be left with five children!! So I became his student and did everything e told me, he taught me and a 9-year-old Star Son at the same time. I will never forget the first time Star Son and I both went out with Rob and saw our first fish, we looked at each other and at the same time tried to say “wow! did you see that?” and of course snorkeling and talking doesn’t work, so we both ended up coughing spluttering and splashing around, laughing and spitting out salty water… it’s hard not to talk!!

here is one of the beauties we saw when we snorkeled in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.

Snorkeling selfies even before we knew it was cool to do selfies.. I was trying to work out if the underwater camera was working.

giant angel fish!!

this little guy scared me half to death! Rob thought it was hilarious when i took off thinking he was coming to eat me.. puffer fish!

9 yr old Star Son picked it up quickly..

The Bloke and I snorkeling Selfies.

Old Ship wreck the “Lochart” in Indented Heads (not far from St Leonards) 

Since we mastered St. Leonards we took our snorkeling gear with us to Rarotonga and saw some beautiful fish and coral, and some coral eating fish the noise they made crunching the coral was so loud!!

Then it was our Big Lap to Queensland and the world-famous Great Barrier reef, I had hoped and prayed to swim with a turtle, we saw some but not in the water near us… however we did swim with a Black tipped Reef shark, and all I could think of was the theme song of “Jaws” as soon as Star Son was out of the water I asked the Bloke “Was that a shark?” and he said “yeah it was” I freaked out but apparently Black tipped reef sharks are not harmless to people which is why it swam with us.. I was so horrified I didn’t even get a photo.

Sea Urchin, St Leonards Summer 2012

Red Seaweed at Indented Heads Dec 2011

Under the sea.. snorkeling with these pretty sea plants, too pretty to be called sea “weeds”


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    • Oh it sure is I never thought I would enjoy it so much, I have to work at calming my breath and enjoying it, but once I switch on, I just love it, so freeing.

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