T is for….


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and the letter “T


I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel, “T” was one of the letters I did not have anything to blog about so I’m doing,

Today, Tomorrow and Tony..

Today I am tired (oooh another T word) I normally have my Squishy Grandson from 7.40 am till about 6.30 pm Tuesday, Thursday,Friday and Saturday and Wednesday being a half day I have him till usually about 1.30 pm except yesterday.

My daughter Jasmin called on her way home and said Brett was sick and the DR had said he should go to the hospital. I asked “What’s wrong with him?” he looked OK the day before when I’d seen him at his work.

The DR says he might have appendicitis” says my daughter, compassion is NOT her strong suit and she goes on to say.. “What is that anyways and is he faking?”  As much as I love my daughter, she doesn’t have time for sickness in herself or others, I remember when I was really sick before Amber’s baby shower, I was getting worse and worse and even ended up going to the DR and they said I had a kidney infection and if the antibiotics didn’t work quickly I’d be going off to hospital, I always get sick when my Bloke goes overseas on a business trip!  Jasmin had thought I was faking it that time too. So I told her “Take him straight to the hospital if appendix burst he could die” Of course it goes without saying that Squishy would stay here with me, hospital is not fun for anyone much less a 16 month old boy.

We were in contact with her throughout the night, we ran out of nappies (Diapers to my Oversea friends) The Bloke went and brought more, we had to find clothes for him and wash the ones he wore that day.. it wasn’t really well planned but we managed. Brett is having surgery sometime today, so she’s gone back into the hospital after getting home at 2.00 AM So today I am tired. Today is also football training night, so the Bloke is finishing early to take “Star Son” because training nights go late we don’t eat till 7.00 pm and I hate eating that late and then the clean up and blah blah (I’m tired so therefore I whine) So me in all my infinite wisdom has declared that Tuesday, Thursday and some Sunday’s will be “Slow Cooker nights

So this week on Tuesday (oooh another T word!) I made a recipe that I know the children love “Silverside” or sometimes called Corned beef or my American pal figured it y’all call it brisket..They love that meal and so do I it’s a little bit of a happy childhood memory. The Mother, used to cook it in vinegar water with a bay leaf and some sugar and black peppercorns, and always ALWAYS cooked the carrots and cabbage in with the meat and even sometimes the potatoes.. I never do the potatoes I like mine mashed with pumpkin! But because I was cooking it in the Slow Cooker which Star Son has an avid hatred of, I decided to mix things up a bit..(This has gotten me into trouble before.. this time it worked I tell ya!!)


Another Challenge I am working on!!

I used this recipe http://www.slowcookercentral.com/recipe/gingerbeer-silverside/


  • 1 x 1.25Ltr Ginger Beer
    1 x Piece of Silverside


Wash the piece of Silverside in cold water
Place Silverside in the Slow Cooker
Pour in the bottle of Ginger Beer
Cook on Low 6 – 8 hours

Too easy I hear you say.. and it was!! and not only that it was so GOOD!!

My Ginger Ale Silverside!

Normally Silverside can be a bit tough, sometimes a bit dry, well, this one was so beautiful it literally melted in your mouth!

I cooked it on top of those carrots. I didn’t even peel them I just halved and then quartered them and put them on the bottom of the slow cooker bowl and then rinsed the meat and put it on top and then a bottle of Ginger Ale..it was so easy, and I was even thinking, “How can this work?” but I was committed and so I went ahead, plus I had an art class so I needed to have it ready to go before I left the house or no one would eat! It was ready at 5.30 pm, all dished up like this and I snuck a piece, I believe I should always taste test their food I’d hate to poison anyone.. and it was OMGOSH!! SOOO GOOD!! Still, Star Son had seen the Slow cooker on the bench and made a fuss, but I told him “try it if you don’t like it eat the veggies and don’t complain!”

During the Art Class I logged on to Facebook to find a piece of art I’d done to share with the class and I find a video of Star Son eating his dinner and admitting that it was GOOD! He had cleaned his plate.. YAY! Amber had tagged me in the post, I sat there and watched the video and did a happy dance!! Later on that night he admitted that he didn’t like the slow cooker but he did like the silverside. So I did reverse psychology on him.. “how can I get you to eat more food cooked in the slow cooker?” I asked him after explaining how much easier it was to slow cook on football training nights. he said make a dessert.. OK I don’t have an issue with desserts but we must also eat a real meal.. so we rattled off some of our favorites and that was when we hit on “meatloaf!” another family staple. I went to the website and found the exact same meatloaf recipe I use and it’s cooked in the slow cooker.. so guess what?? Today is Thursday, (T words!) Slow cooked Meatloaf coming up.. I’ll be back to tell you about that!

So now let’s talk about “Tomorrow” also a T word.

Tomorrow we are flying interstate to new South Wales, to attend a memorial service. My eldest son Kit who If you read about him here: https://kimlhine.wordpress.com/2015/04/12/k-is-for/ Kit is my son by another mother.. and last week his real mother died. Kit came home from New Zealand to help his sister plan the funeral or whatever they were doing, and it’s been decided a memorial at a waterfall in a National Park. Of course we are sad that Kit’s Mum died, she was only young still in her late 50’s I think, but I am excited about the trip tomorrow.. and here’s why… I LOVE to fly, if you point me towards the airport, my whole mood lifts! My Bloke hates to fly, and is already feeling stressed about the whole trip.but me, well, I just love the take off, the landing, the check ins and outs, although 9 times out of 10 I get chosen for the bomb squad testing or the drug testing.. really? me.. I hate taking painkillers for headaches!! In New Zealand they got me for the beeping machine went off my bracelet which did NOT beep in Melbourne went off in NZ and then as I cleared that mess the other lady asks me to step aside for a bomb test.. WTF? my Bloke quipped in his smart ass way

OOooh Sheila it’s those beady eyes of yours” to which she snapped

“Sir I did not even LOOK at her eyes, now please step aside!” OOOH he got owned and I’m hissing at him

“Will you JUST shut UP!”

Despite that I love to fly, and the second reason I am excited for tomorrow is, the part of New South Wales where we are going is just over the border from Queensland, so we actually fly into Queensland and then hire a car and drive about an hour or so to the National park, I’ve never been to that part of New South Wales and Queensland.. need I say more.. yes? OK well at this time of the year Queensland is warmer than Melbourne and so… I’m going to be warm!! YAY!

Seriously I love Queensland and I AM going to live there one day, if the Bloke doesn’t want to come, I’m going to run away when he dies and get lost in Queensland, I’ve pre-planned it all.. I’ve even got the title of my book I will be writing called “The Year I ran away” There are a few places I’d like to explore, so I’ve got a plan… anyways.. back to tomorrow..

We are going to a National Park by a huge waterfall for a memorial for Kat, Kit’s Mum..it will be an emotional day, but I will get some good photos of the waterfall maybe I’ll be able to paint one!! New places to explore, I’m counting the hours! PLUS no children are coming with us, so for a few hours I’ll have my Bloke all to myself on the plane flight there and home again. That sounds kinda possessive I know, but around here I have to share him with so many other people I never get to finish a complete sentence! Maybe that’s why my blog posts are always so long.. using up my quota of words for the day!

So that’s tomorrow I will do tomorrow’s post later today so I can just hit “publish” before I leave in the morning, catching the plane at 9.50am woo hoo, we get back to Melbourne at midnight..

The Third “T” I wanted to share is “Tony” he is family.. maybe he deserved to be in “other family” you can decided, Tony is my EX husband and father of my middle three children. Oh, see I did write about him in “other” here’s a snippet..

E- is for EX husbands-

There was nothing really bad, just we grew apart, I married him when I was 19 and he was 26, he had a career and he’d done his partying scene and I had neither, I worked became a mother and skipped the partying scene, so as the children grew up so did I and realized that surely there was more to life than just “this” he didn’t want to put on the exploring hat, and I didn’t want to wear the “housewife” apron ALL THE TIME. Maybe secretly he was “over it ” too because he didn’t attempt to work through things and didn’t want to come with me to get help.. so I went alone and then I went the next step and walked away. we are still friends, we made sure our children were never weapons or bargaining chips, there was no questions they’d stay with me, he worked shifts and he didn’t have the energy to be bothered. We still interact now and again at his family parties, and we chat and for example earlier this week Amber was worried she hadn’t heard from “dad” for about a month, I told her “bad news travels fast someone would tell us” and she went on about it for a few days, so I Picked up the phone and dialed his house number..he answered and I said “oh Hi, so you’re not dead then?” he laughed and asked “who’s been complaining?” we laughed and I told him, ring your daughter and your son and pay more attention to the length of time between calls. too easy!

I am very proud of the fact that my EX husband and I have remained friends, I am very proud of the fact that we never used our children as a bargaining tool or a weapon against each other. Tony is a bit distant, from the children, but that’s his choice, not because he wasn’t allowed to see them.

Tony and I doing the “Grandparent” thing.. He is holding Squishy and I am holding Sweetpea.. April 2014

I met Tony when I was 16 years old his best friend was dating a girl who shared my sister’s house so that was how I met them, they were all older than me and he was already 23 yrs old. He was the cooler, older boyfriend with a car and was in a garage band, excitement, we got engaged when I was 18 and married when I was 19 and brought a house when I was 20 and had our first child when I was 22, everything moved so fast. Then it stopped… and it slowed down and stalled.. I still class Tony as a friend I mean I’ve known him for most of my life, almost 32 years! I’ve seen the changes in him not always for the best, but that’s life the good and the bad. When I last saw him in March at a family wedding, we were able to still chat and laugh and interact with no hard feelings. I am proud of that.

Tony the “Dad” with Jarrah, Jasmin and Amber. April 2014.

So.. there’s Today, Tomorrow and Tony… do you have a “Tony” is your life? LOL

8 thoughts on “T is for….

  1. So sorry to hear about Kit’s mother. I’m glad you and the Bloke will both be there for him and his sister.
    Funny to see about your daughter. My sister is just like that too. No sympathy for her kids or husband’s illnesses or injuries.
    Travel safely tomorrow.

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