W is for…


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and today by the letter “W


The letter “W” was the easiest one, and it’s a no brainer.. today you all get to meet he who was formally known as “Star son” I’m sure as my blog goes on I will continue to slip into calling hi “Star son” but at least now you’ll know who I mean.

Today I’d like you to meet the youngest member of our family.. well, I should say of the family I gave birth to or inherited.. he is also known as “the glue” the brought two broken families together and made us one raggle taggle bunch.

My Buddha Boy… William John Hine.


His Sister’s 21st birthday, Will got his first Suit!

William John Hine ( my brother (who wasn’t raised with me) is William, and my Dad was John, but even more amazing my husbands Great Grand father was John William, so it’s a REAL family name) Many Many years ago, before my walk with the Lord when I didn’t know better, I went to see a clairvoyant, and she took my hand and looked at ti and told me I’d have four children, I laughed because I’d just had daughter number two. So a few years later when Jarrah arrived and I got my much wanted son, I said “That’s it it’s all over” and sent my ex husband for the “snip” I laughed thinking I’d proved the clairvoyant wrong.. she got the last laugh when 8 years later while recovering from Gall Bladder surgery, I fell pregnant!! I say “fell” because he surely wasn’t planned and I stupidly didn’t even think that all that vomiting had messed with my cycle.. my Bestest best friend “Deanne” who you’ll meet tomorrow as “X-tra best friend” gently reminded me about what the Clairvoyant had said.. hmmm.. You can read a bit more of the back story here https://kimlhine.wordpress.com/2015/04/09/h-is-for-lots-of-pics-in-this-post/


Our wedding day he was two years old and one month!

So into the world early by force came “William John HIne” I had gestational diabetes with him, and he was big and so they decided to bring him out early.. two weeks early and just as well he was my biggest at 9 pound 4 ounces. The Dr’s said if he stayed till full term he would have been a 10 pounder.. thank goodness they took him then! he got stuck with shoulder distoscia and for a while they were talking “emergency c-section” I’ve never pushed so hard in my life!! But then he was a little stressed when he was dragged into the world and so he was straight off to special care nursery. for a while the Dr’s were concerned about the “bruising” from the forceps and wanted to keep an eye on him, it turned out that it was in fact a huge birth mark and not bruising. The technical term for his birth mark s “Cafe Au Lait” because it’s not the red, purple or dark brown, a light coffee colour.. which I found out much later after various DR’s appointments that it could indicate brain troubles. in his case however it did not and again I say “Someone was looking out for us all” 

His Rock ‘n’ Roll learning came early, his first Rock ‘n’ Roll dance was 5 weeks old and he started reading the magazine at 6 months! this photo actually ended up in the next months edition!

When William was younger, he was a short boy, he’s still shorter than most of his peers, but I know the growth spurt will happen any day now, it did for his brothers Kit and Jarrah at about 15-16 yrs old they shot up and are now both taller than Rob. But William was small so we called him “Billy” or “Billy Boy” or Bopster” or many other names, when it came time to start kindergarten we asked him “what do you want the kindy teachers to call you? Billy or William?” he was confused he didn’t know that “William” was his real name.. so he enrolled as “William” and because I had spent the year before his kinder year home schooling Jarrah and had Will doing the same work beside him, by the time he got to kinder he could cut, paste and write his name roughly. Then when it came time to start school again we asked him, “What name do you want everyone to call you?” and he said “I’m a big school kid now I’ll be “Will” and Will he’s been ever since, except when Mum forgets and calls him Billy..

His first Skate boarding moment..

I think the year of home schooling Jarrah really helped the boys because Will started school confidently and soon became popular, over the years he’s had lots of comments about his birth mark, some good and some downright nasty.. I’ll never-forget the day we were in the local shops and there was a small boy about 4 the same age as Will and he was with his Mum and he pointed at Will and said loudly “MUUUUUM look at that boys face, he’s got chocolate everywhere” the Mother quickly shhh’ed the boy and tried to steer him away, but he wandered over to us and I am silently praying for him to “just please go away!” when he walks up to Will and asks him about the “chocolate” on his face, will turned around to the boy and says “it’s not chocolate, it’s a birth mark, that;s where the Angels wing touched me when she brought me” he was calm and so grown up and inwardly I smiled, I sneaked a peek at the other Mother who had a little smile.. as her son went back to her he said “oh Mum that boy is so cool, an Angel touched him!”

His first Big bed and his first dog! Avalon and Will have grown up together,,

We had told Will many years previous when he was one or two when he started noticing he was different from everyone else in the family that he was so special an Angel brought him to us and her wing touched him, and that’s what caused his birth mark, and he remembered that story… that was one of the happier ones, many of them are not so nice and now he is 13 and playing football against bigger opponents they are down right mean! but he’s a compassionate boy and shrugs it off saying “Oh they just don’t know what they’re talking about and they hate it because I’m smaller and can play better!” bravo for my Boy!!

Touched by an Angel!

Each step of his schooling I’ve been nervous, Kindergarten was good, the teacher sat everyone down and explained about his birthmark let everyone ask questions and demystified it, so it became “William” and they were used to it.. then I dreaded him starting school, but the same thing, it was a part of “will” and they dealt with it, his kinder friends gathered around for moral support.. then last year the start of secondary school, he’s a teenager, peer pressure etc etc, but so far so good, we;ve had one small issue to deal with but he’s got those same group of Kindergarten/Primary-school friends around him for moral support,, he’s doing ok, a lot of the time people think he’s extra cool. Only once in his life has he asked for it to be taken off so we saw the plastic surgeon who also referred us to the Laser specialist, they both said because it covers his eye, the amount of work to remove it would leave worse scars, when he’s old enough and now lasers have evolved so much more, maybe he’ll want to do something about it but that’s his call.

Dad’s 50th Birthday “Hawaii 5-0” theme.

One time my Bloke decided to photo shop off the birthmark and I didn’t recognize my son, he looked like all the other 10 yr old boys and another time, the school photographer flipped the class photos and I was complaining “Where is Will” he told me the row and where he was and I eventually found him BUT it wasn’t MY SON, the birthmark had also been flipped to the other side, I don’t know how they did it but it surely wasn’t MY will!

He likes chocolate!!

He’s a happy, popular boy, he likes all kinds of sports, and he tries it once and can excell at it.. he doesn’t get that from me.. he’s smart too, of course it’s not cool to be good at school work, but he is but he hates being the school “Nerd” and so he plays dumb sometimes. He’s a good reader when we make him be, and he’s good at Math he also didn’t get that from me. He hates History which makes me sad, and when he tries he’s good at Art but again, it’s not cool…the first thing each teacher will say about Will at parent teacher interviews is “he talks alot” I guess he gets that from me!!

Which shoes go with this bag??

Right back when he was 8 yrs old he knew what he wanted.. and here is his “Vision Board”

Now my boy is 13 yrs old, he’s been such a joy so far, I always say he’s the last because we got the best! And occasionally he’s wanted a little brother or sister, but now he has nieces and a nephew so it’s kinda the same thing..


and now he’s “Uncle Big Will”


Will and Scarlett


He’s still his Mother’s Son! on his 13th Birthday!

Mother and Son selfies

Mother and Son selfies

Selfies with Mum on the way to Football training.

So that’s all of the family.. tune in tomorrow for X-tra best friend Deanne!

13 thoughts on “W is for…

  1. A special story – as usual. I love how you put so many pictures in. You’ve done a LOT of work this month on all your posts. Kudos to you for a magnificent blog.

  2. You seem to have a great son Kim!
    I do like the angel story, and seen how he arrived it must have some truth to it 🙂
    I once babysat a girl who when a baby had a birthmark removed from her face as the doctors were worried that it was cancerous, which it wasn’t. But their operations made things worse as the scar they left was bigger…

    • Yes that can sometimes happen, plus with the laser option there was not enough data to know what would happen after a five year period maybe it would come back.

      • Yes he does and he also has empathy for others, so he’s usually the one who will include new children to the school or people who are different and I love him for that. Because he knows how it feels to be “different”

  3. What a lovely story about being ‘touched by an angel’s wing.’ He is a lovely looking boy and seems to have a lovely disposition to go with it. You must be a very proud Mum. 🙂

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