Sunday in my house..

I had big plans for today’s blog post, I was going to do “Spiritual Sunday” and tell you about my Bible study of Leviticus, which I’ve been told is the hardest boom in the bible, maybe it’s because I’ve not read too much of the bible as yet, so I’m not finding as hard as its supposed to be, it’s all about the rules and things.. Anyways I WAS going to do that… Then I WAS going to do a “Book review” about the book I finished this morning called “Four Blood Moons” by John Hagee, now I’m about 10 months into my “Walk with the Lord” and so I am saying I am still new at this, because some people have been studying the bible their whole lives and still question… But this book for me anyways, was quite technical, it raised more questions and more things I need to learn about, so I was slow reading it so I could attempt to soak everything in! I will come back and do a book review about this books, but not tonight, its 8:54 pm and I am literally falling asleep, I am tired.

Last night I had Grandma duties with Sweetpea, and she slept through until 2:30am, then I cheated and brought her into my bed for cuddles, she’s such a snuggly girl. She was just dozing off to sleep when “Grandpa” snored and we (Sweetpea and I) both jumped awake and she got fidgety, so I took her down to her Mum who’d just gotten home.

This afternoon we had Football, week three of the season for “Star Son” so we spent a few hours sitting in the sunshine, yes you heard right, we had sunshine it was 21 C so that’s  69F for my overseas friends, beautiful for late Autumn. Jasmin and Brett came to watch the game with Squishy, who is still sick, all her wanted to do was play “Koala” with Grandma, so we sat in the sun and he snuggled into me and just sat very quietly, we always know Squishy is sick when he’s not wanting to get down and take off.

When we got home, Sweetpea took sick, so we have changed her bedding and Amber’s bedding twice due to projectile vomiting. I think some how we will be re visiting the Dr in the morning.

So I am tired, and this is a short post, and I will do the book review and update my “Reading challenge” tomorrow, The Bloke is home from work tomorrow because he is awaiting blood test results and has to have a letter of clearance before he can return to work. He works hard, so a little break will do him good.

I hope your Sunday is more fun!


15 thoughts on “Sunday in my house..

  1. If Sweetpea is projectile vomiting I would say she is having a reaction to the antibiotics Kim, we found out my son was allergic to Eurethamyacin when he was a baby the exact same way, he was given it and his reaction was to projectile vomit it out, frightened the life out of me when it happened, I thought he was convulsing or something and going to die.

    The book you are reading in regards to blood moons. I dont know a lot about the blood moons but in my bible prophesy research and studies they are part of the signs in the heavens we have to look for in the end time bible prophesy.
    You mentioned yesterday that you were going to do some study into the Jewish faith, the Jewish faith has got nothing to do with Jesus Christ Kim, it is because of their rejection and murder by crucifixion of our Lord that God the father destroyed the temple in Jerusalem and scattered the Jews out in the world, God divorced himself from Israel and gave the gift that was theirs to the gentiles (us), ever since then the Jewish faith have not been able to have a blood sacrifice and atone for their sins, God cut himself off from them, the Jewish faith has got nothing to do with Christianity at all, Christ came and fulfilled ALL the Jewish laws that God had given to them over the years and was condemned to death by the synagog religious leaders of that time and he was innocent he had not broken one religious law of the time but they called him a liar and killed him, something they DENY doing to this day. The Jewish faith of today STILL rejects Jesus Christ as Gods son, in bible prophesy when the time of the gentiles is over, which all study points to now being that time, and when Christ has come for those whom God has given him, will God the Father then re-marry himself back to the Jewish faith of today and the great tribulation of the end times bible prophesy will begin. as of this time bible prophesy is 100% correct. The Lord is obviously drawing you in Kim do not waste your time studying Jewish religion before you even understand your own, your salvation is the most important thing on this earth it is the passion of our Lord Jesus, he died so you could have a way back to God and not waste your time on a religion that God rejected.
    Sorry you are having so much illness in the family I am praying for you all, may the Lord bless you and lead you to all that is truth.

    xxxxx hugs

    • Hi Chris! Thank you for reading and commenting, thank you for explaining about the Jewish connection, I need someone like you to mentor me! And thank you for the prayers concerning the babies, Sweetpea has a Dr appointment this afternoon of that fails lm tempted to take her to the hospital

  2. I started my walk with the Lord a long long time ago Kim and I will be glad to answer questions or help you in any way I can but rather than talk in an open forum perhaps we could swap email addy’s in private message on facebook and take it from there.

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