T is for… too much fun!

My daughter, Jasmin and I are working on a theme for Squishy’s bedroom, I’d better not say what it is until I find out if it’s a secret or not, but as soon as I can I will share with you.. so she looks up what she wants and then comes to me and says “Mum can “we” do this?” by “we” she means “Me” and that’s ok, because she knows I will take a theme and run with it.. themes I am great at. What I am not great at it spending money on said items because they are “themed” So I have always said “I bet I could do that!” and 9 times outta 10 between the Bloke and I , I have done it.. sometimes I get a little lost and so I call him and he fixes it… we are a good crafty combo.

So today has been an arty day, just like yesterday was an arty day… today I have Squishy, but Amber and Sweetpea have gone away for last night and today, so minus one small person makes such a difference to productivity.

So here’s a sneak peek at what we’ve, (by “we” I mean “me“, Jasmin funds it all, I do the work)  been doing…

So before you think to yourself “Clouds are not supposed to be blue” well, Jasmin is living in a rental and I don’t think they’d let us paint the roof to resemble the sky, so we are keeping the roof white and adding blue clouds…we’re funky like that!!

You can always tell when I’ve been away from my Art Studio too long..


First this happened… I run out of Gesso!! Oh my!



I decided to finish the base coat with white paint and it was dried rock hard in to bottom of the jar…


I ran out of the blue we were using to make the clouds, so I guess that tells me it’s been too long between painting ,


So now I need to go off and make up the letters of his name in the font we want and transfer them to the canvas panels when they dry… Check back again for an update!!

9 thoughts on “T is for… too much fun!

  1. You were painting those clouds Kim when I came to visit you with Linda, but that was at the start of the project you have progressed quite a bit since then. I cannot wait to see the finished room. You are so clever Kim.

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