Day five… going strong!

So in my effort to “do some art” I’ve made myself a little challenge… Dr Phil always says “it takes 21 days to make a habit and 21 days to break a habit” I can hear his Texan accent as I type.. I love Dr Phil and I always have since he first appeared on Oprah.

So today is day five.. and I got a few bits’ n ‘pieces done, kind of like art housework..some paint splashed on some blank pages for future backgrounds, looking up images to make into stencils for the Mindy Lacefield course “Sunday Mornings 2” and sorting websites into easy- to -find categories.. like “art to do” simple enough.. I even got another lesson on Udemy done..

So today was “Acrylic paint” day and although I’ve used it a lot of times I’ve never actually done a useful lesson.. oh ooopps OK I lied.. I didn’t mean to I forgot.. My whole landscape course was done in acrylics, I once complained to a friend about how much I didn’t like the landscapes I get bored with them, so she said well why don’t you use them for something else? Like what I asked? Not really following her.. so she suggested paint the landscape your teachers needs you to paint and then add a nice Bible quote or biblical piece to it and make it “God’s art” Ahh.. Ok, I see what she means and in fact there’s a nie quote about stars which I might use for last night’s watercolour piece. She had a point and Pastor Frank agreed, I can turn this into “God’s art” anyways I haven’t started yet..

Today Squishy was home with his Mum who was still not well.. and so the house is so much quieter and cleaner with only one small person to cater for and her Mum was home so it lets me off the hook, as long as I put down my “fun tools” and play with her occasionally and the good thing is with acrylics there is always “a waiting for something to dry” time when playing is just right.

So today I painted a Cherry… I know right, I kind of thought “How lame, one cherry” but then I got into the lesson and do you realize how many shades of red there actually are in a cherry? I lost count and some I didn’t have so I made it up as I went along, but hey, it looks amazing and I’m happy to have it.. I am thinking I might add a banana and a slice of watermelon and call them “Kitchen Art

Today’s instructor was Will Kemp from the UK, so it was fun listening to his accent, you can visit Will here:


Setting up, we base coated the canvas with a burnt umber and white mix, to “warm the piece up” who knew?!


Many, many shades of red, and even the stem had four different shades on it..

When I looked I didn’t see those colours UNTIL he pointed them out..


ta da!! I’m happy with it and even more impressed with how awesome it looks in the photo.


I painted mine on an angle it wasn’t quite big enough but it looks funky like this!


Last night’s water colour and today’s acrylic with their certificates of completion!! happy happy!

My next class on this site is going to be

Wagara Decorative Painting for Beginners

Basically is means Japanese patterns, such as the beautiful patterns on Kimono and other Japanese items.. I have a thing about “Japan” have I mentioned that in previous posts? I’m not sure I have. One day I want to go to Japan, I have a Japanese penpal and I have also hosted a few Japanese exchange students and one teacher and I just love all things Japan, I even have my own Kimono! I’ll be back with photos when I have started that course.

You can find out more about courses you might like to do here:

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