Girl with a pearl earring- complete!

is finally finished! This was my first attempt at oil painting and though technically they both have “faults” I love them!!


The left hand side is a board the right hand side is in my art journal!

I am breathing a sigh of relief that’s two classes l had fallen behind in done and dusted this week! Yay!!

Art Instructor: Lucy Chen-

12 thoughts on “Girl with a pearl earring- complete!

    • Ha ha!! Thank you!! its now 11:30pm, so I will sign them in the morning, hopefully the final glazing layer will be dry! I am proud of my girls, I was going to do a third one to improve on the “flaws” I see but now they are finished I am happy with them and I am stopping! it’s been an awesome art week!!

  1. Wow, echoing souldiergirl, I am impressed! How very delightful that you have such talents and pursue them diligently. Thank you for sharing your paintings with us, you have inspired me today!

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