Got nothin’

and then I realised the time… It’s 11.09pm… It’s Monday night, I don’t hate Monday’s because its my “weekend” day off.. Got no photos to share they’re saved on my phone, but today I had another busy day.

Got three loads of washing done and again we had a beautiful autumnal day 20C again, woo hoo, so I got the washing done, out on the line, inside and folded and put away, all in one day, bonus!

Jasmin got some mail delivered, some packages for the “Squishy, secret bedroom theme” so we (Amber, Scarlett and I) decided to make the most of the beautiful weather and walk around the corner to visit “Aunty Jazzy and cousin Chase” sometimes I have really dumb ideas… Yes it was me, who suggested, “Let’s make Scarlett walk to wear her out!” Sounded good in theory, but Scarlett is super smart for 17 and 3/4’s months old, so as soon as we got to the end of our court to the “park” she thought we were repeating yesterday’s walk, where we turned right and went to football, except, today we wanted to go left and up the hill to “Aunty Jazzy’s” house, we went the back way through the park, no traffic that way…. Well, Scarlett was less than impressed!

She took off towards the right, we tried calling her gently, then a little louder, she looked over her shoulder giggled and ran faster, so we had to go grab her and gently lead her in our direction, she was having NONE of that! So she put herself into her yoga position and decided to headbutt the path, as if the path was to blame for which direction WE wanted her to go in… I will be glad when this stage passes!

So I suggested, “Let’s carry her a little way until she gets the idea we are going this way.” So I distracted her “Oh!! Scarlett look at the birdy, look at that tree” put her down and she run back the way we came… This went on for about 10 minutes, mind you normally it takes me 5 minutes to walk to Jasmin’s house! I have the dumbest ideas!

Finally, we convinced one stubbourn small person to walk the way we wanted to go if she held a stick in her hand waving it around like a magic wand. Up the hill we go, around the corner we went and then, she discovered the house next door to Jasmin’s had flowers!! Finally we carried her and let her knock on “Aunty Jazzy’s door” 

She went right to the toy corner and Chase came right to Grandma for cuddles and kisses, we didn’t stay too long because Brett arrived home on his break, so we left them to it and decided to let Scarlett have a swing on the playground.. She didn’t much like the swing… Then we put her on the see saw, nope she didn’t like that much either, so we tried her on the rocking car, nope, in short, she hates to be still… And then began the 3 minute walk home, which in fact took 15, because Miz Scarlett likes the brass, and wanted to stop and rub her hands in the grass, and look at the gumnuts.

Ahhh the dramas of toddlers walking!

On the plus side, I got some art done, that makes seven day, I skipped yesterday, I got the front cover of  “Take me deeper” which is one of the course on the “His Kingdom Come” site, I’m also in a course called “logos 365” and just started a book club, we are studying the book by Janice Elsheimer, called “The Creative Call” since the group had already started, I decided to buy the kindle book and that way I could start quickly, rather than wait for a hard copy to be delivered. So I printed out the first two chapters questions to answer, and tomorrow I start chapter two, which includes 20 minutes of “morning pages” which basically I do anyways in my journal, but now I have all the things which are to do with “His Kingdom Come” in a ring binder folder, that way I have divided pages and I can also add watercolour pages to do art on if I want to. I also did the front page for Mindy’s “Sunday Mornings 2” and started the first page, as well as some colours on other pages which will become back grounds, I’m happy to have gotten anything done.

So, that was MY day, house work, toddlers and a little bit of art, but you know, sometimes even a little bit of art is better than none and it makes me feel gooood! No pics right now, I’ll add some tomorrow. I hope YOUR Monday  was as adventurous as mine! Oh and tomorrow I have a Chase free day as well, he’s staying home with “Dadda” so its possible more art tomorrow! 


2 thoughts on “Got nothin’

  1. What a fun story about your walk. You have to love those toddlers and their headstrong minds!
    More artwork, YAY! You’ve been having a lot of fun with that!

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