Feeling pretty excited..

do you ever have a moment when someone, a stranger, comes into your life and you just kind of “click” I’ve had a few I’ve met through blogging, and of course on Facebook there are people that I feel are my soul sisters, have I ever met them? No, Will I ever meet them? Possibly not… But on Facebook we have a connection. I never did understand that whole whohar about “online friends not being “real friends” because I have better cinnections with some of them than my own siblings. 

This morning I had a deep conversation with one of those souls.. I call her my soul sister/ friend, she’s exactly 10 years older than me, and we were doing an online art class together and some how, some way we clicked, we chat most days, through comments on each others posts, or we do the same quiz, which ironically are either complimenting each other or exactly the same, today we decided that we are best friends like “Orange and purple” I am the orange she is the purple, today we chatted more so than other days. She and her husband are saving to come to Australia, so I told my Bloke and he agreed, wherever she is in Australia, we will go and meet her. I am excited for September or October 2016. Its only next year!! Every so often we sent a little care package and its my turn to send to Carrol, so I was thinking “What shall I send Carrol?” In her last care package she made me a beautiful painting and added  ephemera, which is just a fancy word for “stuff” some people might call it junk, we artists, use it for back grounds, or journal page spreads, things like ticket stubs, or bible pages, maps, tourists guides or even pages out of the phone directory, why? Because you collage with it to add layers, texture and interest. So its my turn to send to Carrol, but I am sending her a painting, a little piece of Australia!

Just a little while ago, I got a friend request from someone who I’d never heard of, the name wasn’t familiar so I went to see if we had “mutual” friends and indeed we do all artist friends, including Lucy Chen with whom I just finished painting “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” So I added this new “friend” and she was online so we started chatting, and talk  about ego boosting, I think we are going to be friends and ironically enough, she is from Pennsylvania, I have two penpals from that state, its calling me!! Lisa makes “Santa’s” and on her profile I was able to find a link to her website, http://www.scherersantaclaus.com and her work is just beautiful, I am not a huge fan of Christmas, but I know lots of people are, but one tradtion that I started with my children was each year I buy them each a new ornament for the christmas tree, and when my grandbabies were born, I started buying them one as well. I think this year I am going to buy my Christmas decos from Lisa! She has never shipped to Australia, so I’ll be her first, but I think its great to support artists whenever you can, I know how much joy I get from my art, so if I can help someone with their joy I’ll do that. Lisa asked me “Where do you sell your art?” Well I don’t until now I’ve only ever done art for myself and my house, I did a montage of Disney Princesses for my eldest daughters 18th birthday, and once I did a blue tongue lizard in pastels for my cousin who is reptile crazy!  but thats it until this Mothers day when I did the Pug for my Mother-in-law. And now I am working on that secret project for an overseas friend, remember the orange preview from yesterday? I did a bit more of it today!

Lisa made me feel so good, when she said “You should paint people’s pets, you would make money doing that!”  That raises all kinds of questions “Am I good enough?” “could I commit to doing that?” How do you put a price on your “joy”? Who would I even ask about these things… Immediately my inner evil art critic answers me “too hard, too much, not good enough, shut that idea down” but then my other inner voice says “YOU can do that! You just have to start!” Hmmmm, on my bucket list is a goal  “sell one piece of art” maybe 2015 is the year to do that, my “50 before 50” bucket list runs out in October 2017, so I do need to get moving on it… I feel a bit nervous though.

Lisa has started me thinking, and Carrol also said something yesterday about my writing a book,  these ladies are planting seeds, that I could water and nourish and make grow, or I could lock them in the dark and let them die away… Now which road to take?!

How was your Wednesday??


9 thoughts on “Feeling pretty excited..

  1. If you need water or fertilizer for those seeds, just let us know! I’m more than happy to help with that as I’m sure many others would be as well! Thanks for the kind words here & my last night. I’m having a great Wednesday, hope you had one as well. One other thing, Delaware is next door to Pennsylvania, so if you ever come up here, I’ll meet you as well!

    • Carrol, if I ever get to America you are right up there on my list of “must see” people… Anyways I am going to meet you next year in Australia! So then I’ll have to come visit you to return the favour!

      And as for watering those seeds, you my soul sister do that on a daily basis, and I am so thankful for you in my life xo

  2. I don’t understand either when people dismiss online friendships. I’ve met some of the loveliest people through blogging, and there’s little chance that without the internet our paths would have crossed. There must be a way to hypnotize that inner evil art critic: “You are getting sleepy…” Certainly your work is good enough to sell!

    • Thank you so much!! And yes maybe I’ll practise some hypnotism on the EIC (Evil Inner critic) mine has become a bit personal of late so time to evict her!

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