Getting side tracked…

I do it A.LOT! Hence the name of my Blog…. going off on a tangent, which means that what should take me 5 or 10 minutes will sometimes take me an hour after I’ve visited half the world and then still not done what I  logged on to do.. hence tonight.

I looked at the clock and I said I have 30 minutes to work out what to write and write a blog… now I only have 20 because I went to see what @Robertmegoldstein’s blog was about he’s my latest blog follower, he’s number 89! I almost wrote a blog about my 90th blog follower… wanna visit Robert? go here:  hmm.. so anyways.. I followed a blog post on that site and ended up at Lucky Otter’s webpage.. and I felt myself nodding agreeing with her post and then almost cheering her ( Her is Lauren Bennett) and I thanked her for writing and sharing the blog, because it was all about “haters” and blog writing.. I actually really resonated with this one..

14. You will change in ways you never expected. Blogging is an adventure.

Blogging is an adventure, and I am loving it.. each day I wake up and think what shall I share with the bloggers today? and I take photos of “stuff” because I could, maybe make it into a blog post!

Like this..

It arrived in the mail today my daughter Amber and Grand daughter Sweetpea brought it for me for Mother’s Day and then Amber realized it was coming from Israel and so it wasn’t going to make it on time.. I love it.. the crappy photo doesn’t do it justice.. it has all the names on.. Jasmin, Amber, Jarrah, William, Inara, Scarlett and Chase. So Jasmin in all her wisdom says “but what if you have more Grand children?” is she trying to tell me something??! I smartly said “the back is blank!”

I am very in love with it.

The Other thing that is not happening lately is ART.. again, the slump came… I think I lasted 10 days.. and havent done anything since Friday. Grrr @ myself.

Today my Bloke was home on a rostered day off work, which is lovely, because Star Son was at school and I don’t have Squishy Monday’s so we had a “date day” that actually made two this month! we did the usual stuff like the grocery shopping, and shopping for a few odds and ends, then visited his Mum and had a lovely morning tea, I drank coffee for the second time in 6 months and ate a piece of cake.. yum!it was a really nice hour we spent chatting with Tanny. Then we went for lunch, we tried a new place, sometimes we get set in our ways and go to the same place to just eat.. today we went to Cafe Circe and it was nice, the weather was nice enough to sit outside at the tables and we enjoyed a nice quiet lunch, he had the seafood basket and I had the Chicken Parma, we really are boring and un-adventurous. Then we came home and since it was such a nice day I went out and worked in the garden for a while, which in my speak means, I filled up the Green waste bin, and now Wednesday morning it can be emptied. Boring day really and yet, like this weekend it was jam packed..Saturday we got the dog groomed. Ambrosia is a toy Poodle and was in a pretty atrocious way, so she now is shorn to her skin, we will reset her hair styling. Then we did some other bits and pieces around the house, which meant, we cut the back lawn, did some pruning, the roses are now ready for winter. Then the Bloke decided that he wanted to play with the camp fire and the camp oven and make a Roast Lamb.. apparently we will be having roast lamb while we are out back in the desert because “well, because we can!” and we did and boy was it ever good!!

Sneaking a peek at the Lamb, the smell was heavenly..

The baked potatoes were also cooked in the coals!

We are going to be eating well this trip!! That’s two meals we have tried in the camp oven and two meas that have been brilliantly yummy!

We also started the Itinerary for the Big Lap, we have still to lock in a date but early Septemeber sounds good..

So Day one.. Sunbury Victoria to Kingston on Murrary in South Australia, two nights there.

Day three– Kingston on Murrary to Kimba South Australia ( Kimba is the home of the Giant Galah) is officially half way across Australia between Melbourne Victoria to Perth Western Australia.

Day Four- Kimba South Australia to Fowlers Bay South Australia… now it starts getting good.. as soon as we leave the drive way it starts getting good, but this place is the one I am most excited for because this is the whaling Nursery of Australia.. all the Southern Right Whales come here every winter to have their calves and feed in the warm calm secluded waters, and that means I am going to see me a whale! we are going to stay here: and yes! we are doing the tour and even possibly going out in a small plane to see the whales as well. I am SOOO excited!! And we are going to go fishing and just sit and rest!

So I will be blogging and I will be adding photos, it’ll be just like you are all coming along with us!!

But for now.. my 30 minutes to write a blog has spiraled out to an hour! and I am missing my TV show LOL… time to be gone!


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