I’m back!

Sorry I have been absent, It’s been a week, I started off last week well, I was hopeful about Art Bible study group, I was hopeful about lots of things I was “planning” to get done..

Monday -started off well, it’s a baby free day for me so that’s always good, and so I got the house work done, the washing caught up and felt like “yay” even planned to go and start de-cluttering the art studio, I had plans and started doing my “morning pages” for the new Book Club I am working in….

Tuesday-  I had Squishy as usual and I was starting Bible study group, my first night, the Pastor’s wife Arranged to collect me and take me along. Star Son had football training so The Bloke was going to be home early, so I had dinner planned and after having a very clingy boy all day I couldn’t really be bothered, but two things forced me to go to Bible study group.. 1- I didn’t have the Pastor’s number to call and cancel and 2- I really feel like God wants me to have “community” and not stay at home so much. So I shook it off and went, I am so glad I did go the women were so lovely and made me feel so welcome and were happy to stop and explain what was happening and who was who and what was coming up. I felt instantly at ease and like I fitted in. During the prayer session, I asked the Lord to please help me fit into this group if it was his will that I stay here. And also for guidance about where to go next in terms of what I am doing with my art. Little did I know what I was asking for..got the start of a headache, thought I was tired ignored it.

Wednesday- Had a great nights sleep maybe a little too good, woke up with the headache and the tightness in my shoulders which is never a good sign. when I was online my cousin contacted me and asked have I been checking my emails? d’uh of course I have.. she said “well check again because I think YOU won” and I’m like “huh? won what?” She had this plan and it was long and convoluted and a complete fabrication.. about how she had entered my email address into a competition to win art classes for free. So immediately I checked emails, nothing, then I get an instant message on Facebook from a good friend I met through art, I call her my “Soul sister” we have so many things in common, She said to me “Kim I have a confession” and I immediately thought “oh no what’s happened?” and I instead said “that sounds serious” and she said “well yes it is…” I thought she was going to tell me that her trip to Australia was cancelled or something, instead she tells me “You didn’t win the competition” I sighed a sigh of relief  I said “Oh well it’s no big deal, I didn’t get any emails, it was nice of Lee to try”  and she wrote back “Yes your cousin is the most amazing person, but you didn’t win the competition I brought you those classes!” So long story shorter.. Carrol and Lee had been plotting and Carrol had gone to Tam’s “Sales page” and brought these lasses for me as a gift… I told her off because that’s  A LOT of money and too much to spend on someone else… she promised me they were on sale, which I knew because I had been looking at them and had picked out two of the cheapest classes to try, but still “on sale” was too expensive for me to consider. there was some kind of mix up and so after a lot of checking and emailing back and forth. So it turns out that God had answered that question of “Where to go next with my art?” because suddenly I have 104 art lessons to do!! Thankfully they are “life time” and so I am not on any kind of schedule. Carrol is the most amazing lady!!

I had both babies while Amber had her driving lesson, and then when she got home my head was thumping so hard I went for a nap while Squishy napped. Amber and Scarlett went out for the afternoon. Bloke cooked dinner and I had another early night.

Thursday– Panadol is not working, it’s not even touching this headache, my shoulders are bunching up and I can hardly move.. maybe I am getting the flu… Amber came home yesterday and said “the Instructor has decided that she is ready for her driving test, so today she had to go do the “Hazards” test, in the olden days we called that the written part, and it was done on the same day.. these days, it’s done on a computer  and she a year to do the actual driving test after she passes the hazards, so I had to look after two babies while she did her test. So I went downtown with her, thinking the fresh air, change of scenery would get rid of my headache, plus it was a lovely sunny day. It didn’t work! So I went to see my Physio, and make an appointment, and I almost cried when they tell me the first available appointment was Friday next week! The Bloke was home early again to take Star son to football training, so he took Squishy with him for a drive so I had those little few minutes of quiet. I was in bed by 7.30 pm.

Friday- Squishy stayed home with Brett, so I had another free day and since I woke up with the headache – again! I got Star Son off to school and then went back to bed.I spent the day watching my TV shows on my ipad and reading my book.. and it worked! because by the time The Bloke got home from work, I was up cooking dinner and moving almost normally. I stayed in my PJ’s all day Friday and then The Bloke took Star Son to youth group and  when it was time to collect him, I decided to go for a drive, but since it was dark and I wasn’t getting out of the car I stayed in my PJ’s… BIG MISTAKE!!

A car pulled into the car parking space next to us and I am mentally thinking “out of all the car park spots you have to stop here” I looked up to see a smiling lady waving at me.. and it was Paula, the lady whose house we had been at for Bible study group.. I am so embarrassed I wished I could just melt away. She said “Oh I thought to myself that looks like Kim!” and I was thinking, “wow how do you do that? meet me once and recognize me sitting in a blacked car!” I explained that I was hiding because I was in my PJ’s and I didn’t even have enough energy for blogging or art, and she said “Oh are you an artist? Oh good, you must come to church on Sunday and join our art group!” I’ll text you she says, and we exchanged mobile numbers. An hour later I had three texts and an email and I was thinking,… “This is the sign right?” Thank you Lord!

Saturday– We had made plans to meet some friends at the camping and 4 wheel drive show on at the Melbourne Showgrounds, so we had to leave early, I’m not sure what was going on, because I woke up and didn’t have the headache or the tightness in my shoulders. I had a great day with my Bestie and her husband Steve and son Jordan, although Will and Jordan were off doing their own thing most of the day. We had lunch together and finally departed about 2.00 pm, I love spending time with my bestie, we don’t have to talk or we can talk up a storm and it’s just comfortable and we are so lucky our blokes get on so well as well. I than God all the time for giving me Deanne you can read more about my bestie here: https://kimlhine.wordpress.com/?s=X+is+for  once back home I had a quick cat nap and woke up feeling good, yay maybe the headache is gone..

Sunday- Football day! Star Son had club photos so they had to be there at 9.00 am for the photos and then the game started at 11.50 am so that gave me time to sit in the car and catch up with my journal writing. It was cold but not too bad. Rupertswood won convincingly 85 to 7. One of the parents didn’t show up so The Bloke ended up doing the Goal umpire job, but that’s ok he likes helping. I like to sit and watch and be quiet, I am on a “gag” order from Star Son, he says he hates it when those Mums are yelling out and telling the kids what to do and the coaches are yelling out what to do it’s too confusing, and then he adds, “I am so glad YOU don’t do that Mum!” so that’s my Gag order… I only cheer for him when he gets a goal or something. I am sure the other parents think I am less interested or don’t care or whatever they think, but my Son knows whats what and that’s all I care about. The previous week he got stretchered off the ground, after being knocked down by a bigger kid, as I ran out to him on the field the first thing I hear him say is “I can’t feel my legs” my heart dropped to my muddy boots! I didn’t say a word, I think I was holding my breath! It turned out he was winded, and he hurt his ankle.. but he was all good, he had a quiet afternoon and recovered quickly. Then he told me off because I didn’t take photos or video of him being stretchered off the ground, now he has nothing to put on Facebook.. Laughing!! I can’t win!

After Football I was supposed to go to the Church Art class, but I had a headache after sitting in the cold, so I skipped Art Class..I hope Paula will invite me back to the next one!

So that brings us up today, 1st June, First day of winter, and boy, has it ever hit with a vengeance.Its a bitingly cold wind!

Oh a positive note, I did spend some time organizing places for our upcoming trip, in September till Nov across the Nullabor Plains to Western Australia. So far I have 17 places marked for stops whether they be over night or for a few days, these are the places that at some stage we will be laying our heads down!

Yesterday afternoon we went to see my Mother-in-law Tanny in her “Retirement home” read more about Tanny here: https://kimlhine.wordpress.com/?s=F+is+for

Tanny has just noticed (Dementia will do that for ya!) that she has a nose, and we ALL have noses and she is laughing when she says “noses are so ugly.. why do they have to be so big?” Rob and I were laughing because his sister Leigh has asked us not 15 minutes earlier  “Has Mum commented on your huge nose yet?” we said NO… ha ha! Tanny looks at me and says “Oh Kim, YOUR nose is HUGE!” and I laughed and said “Not as Big as Rob’s” she looked at her son and says “Where did YOU get such a huge nose?” he said Probably from you Mum” and she said “Well yes I just saw that I have a nose and It’s big but it’s OK, I am getting used to it” we all laughed and then Rob says “Good thing that Mum, you’ve only had that nose for 80 odd years!” now I share this little story with you, not to be mean, I am certainly not laughing at her, but I just love that she is happy, that she can laugh at us, that we can all laugh with tears rolling down our faces, at something as harmless as a “NOSE” something we all have and take very little notice of.


The Bloke and his Mum with their “big Noses”

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