June… I’m back!

So after having the last week off wallowing.. and really not achieving much…. maybe I was over tired and needed that break, whatever I am back and since yesterday was the start of WINTER (in Capitals because it’s my least favourite season) I decided that I needed to do something to turn this “funk” around.. so I’ve decided ( I usually decide this at least once a year and fail miserably) to “embrace winter” No I will never like the cold, I don’t particularly like walking in the rain, occasionally I’ll jump in the really deep puddles but only if I am close to home so I can get home and changed into warm dry clothes quickly… there is nothing about winter I like! There’s not even any colour in winter…it’s all white, grey, or shades there of…and don’t even start me on the subject of snow.. I’ve been three times in my life and hated it each time… and yet on my Bucket List I have this “spend a weekend at the snow” I figure I’ll go with my Bestie and her husband who LOVE snow and skiing and snow boarding, none of which appeals to me, BUT maybe if I go with them, their enjoyment will be contagious and I might “enjoy” myself… probably I’ll stay at the bar with the fireplace and fire gaze the weekend away!

Anyways… this year in my “attempt” to “embrace winter” I’ve got some challenges lined up…

First of all, I heard about a book and website called “1,000 Gifts” here’s the link.. http://onethousandgifts.com/ “A dare to live fully right where you are” I heard about it last month, but I like to start things at the start of the month, so I started yesterday… the idea is each day we list 3 things and she even gives us prompts… and if you’ve been visiting my blog for any amount of time you’ll know that I LOVE prompts!! Sometimes they start off my writing and it might go it a totally different direction but it started me.. that’s all I need sometimes a kick-start!

So here is this months prompt list!

Yesterday which was the 1st of June.. was 3 gifts orange

My reply was.. Mandarin, (Squishy loves his baby oranges!) Sweep Potato which I cooked for dinner and Sunrise.

So basically each day you list three things that make you thankful..”I can do” that, yes even I can do that!!

Then I discovered another thing that I “can do” it’s called ICAD which stands for “Index Card a day” and this lady uses one Index card a day and does a small piece of art! You can find out more here: http://daisyyellowart.com/vividlife/icad-2015-index so I decided that I want to do that and maybe just maybe I can combine the two.. multi tasker is me!

So I “plan” because I am late starting this one.. to start doing them today and “day one ICAD” will be orange and I’ll make a list or use found collage pieces to decorate the card, the beauty of this challenge is it’s small.. Maximum size = 4″ x 6″ So I went and brought a packet of plain white cards, I did this last year but sadly I got side tracked in my “winter wallowing” and never did the challenge, so I have been using them for those little bits of left over paint, or the odd stencil I wanted to test or different background things,,, have a look at some I prepared earlier..

IMG_1902 IMG_1901

See the green background with white Ivy… that was left over paint and  gesso to make the ivy 3D.. and the grey with circles was me testing a theory.. never mind, they are starters for this years ICAD! I had 28.. and the goal is to do 61, so I am on the way! The website provides prompts.. like for example day one was “Chevron” so I have a chevron stamp I could incorporate that some how or I don’t have to use it at all.. she also gives prompts for techniques and mediums to use.. lots of ideas in this site!

The challenge is about the DOING and not the
It is the process of creating each day that matters.

An annual creative challenge
Facilitated by Daisy Yellow
Buy a pack of index cards
♥ draw ♥ doodle ♥ write ♥ collage ♥
♥ paint ♥ haiku ♥ stamp ♥ stitch ♥
61 DAYS : 61 CARDS

Taken from the website: http://daisyyellowart.com/icad/icad-faq.html

What’s the secret?

Each individual index card creation represents your conscious choice to do one creative thing over the course of one typical day. And to repeat that choice daily for two months. And when you choose to make time for creative play, you create a habit. You choose to infuse life with art and creativity. But let’s step back. Just take it one step at a time, one card at a time. The challenge is a creative kick that can spark your imagination. There are 1000’s of cards completed each year. The creative energy just might change your life. But you won’t know unless you try.

So my friends be prepared to see things happening on this blog, surely even I…. “Worlds greatest procrastinator” can do THESE challenges!! anyone want to join me? it could be fun you know! we could encourage each other.. actually somewhere I read she said to put the amount of cards (61) in a small pencil-case with basic supplies so you can take it with you and work when you are waiting at sports training or  games or at appointments or something where you have down time.. I kinda laughed at that “what is down time? I wish I had some of that” even as I write this I have one child trying to climb up my back because he wants me chair!!

Wish me luck… just out of interest… what are your THREE things for June 1st??

“3 gifts Orange”

Tell me below I am interested to see how everyone else saw Orange!

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