And here we are again…

Yep! We are back at Bel Far Niente! Unusual for two times in one month in winter no less. “What about football?”  I hear you ask… Well let me tell you a tale..

For over a week Star Son has been coughing, you might recall he has “whooping cough” about 10 weeks ago that started and he was diagnosed just as he was no long contagious, the same time that The Bloke and Grandson Squishy were told the news, so that resulted in us all going on “preventative” antiobiotics to stop the contagion. But did you know that “whooping cough” is also known as the “100 days cough” so we kind of let it go for a while Star son’s cough, until he woke us up at 4:00am telling us he couldnt sleep he was coughing and his chest hurt. That was Friday morning and since The Bloke had a rostered day off work, we made an appointment and took him to the Dr. Where we were told that since he’s had the whooping cough, his immune system is weakend and so he’s likely to get “secondary infections” which is what has happened, he now has brochitis and so another round of anti biotics, an asthma puffer and some advil for the pain. Then a very important question..

Dr… “Do you play any sport?”

Star son- “Yes I play Football on Sunday”

DR..” Absolutely NOT this week”

Well I knew there was going to be an arguement, I have been trying to tell the men of the family this for the past two weeks, its cold, its wet and he’s sick, says Mum “He’ll get pneumonia”  they laughed at me and off they went until Friday… When the DR says “If you push yourself and breathe in the cold air and get wet and chilled you will possibly develop Pneumonia” I tell ya friends.. I could have done the happy dance, several reasons..

A- I was NOT being neurotic and over protective, I was actually right


On the way to the chemist the men of the family discussed him going to Football and I grew angrier and angrier and finally I asked.. “Why did we bother going to the DR if you are going to ignore him? He said NO football and I am putting my foot down NO FOOTBALL, I am not sitting in hospital while you struggle with pneumonia which might have been avoided by missing ONE week of football”

I won!

So here we are at our holiday place, Star Son has spent the whole time laying snuggled up on the couch, eating, keeping hydrated and taking his medicine and I have been catching up on mail, my reading and my bible study.

I love Bel Far Niente, its been cold and today was more rain than not, but who cares we were being indoors and lazy anyways. I got five letters written, I started a new book, I caught up on two days bible study, because it only started back on Monday and I have not gotten back into my routine yet. We are reading the book of Proverbs!

Hear that? Its the sound of serenity, I love that sound.


2 thoughts on “And here we are again…

  1. Yeah, for no football. If you recall, I had 3 rounds of bronchitis this last winter with the last one putting me in the hospital for a week. Bronchitis or any respiratory issue is not to be played with.
    Will be praying that he gets better.

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