Write A Letter To Yourself

I am going to do this challenge sometime this week.

Dream Big, Dream Often

Have you ever considered writing a letter to yourself?  I remember being instructed once to coach myself the way I would coach someone else.  So what if I gave myself advice the way I would a friend?  I want you to give this some thought and then write yourself a letter.

image credit: msnickellecadvisory.blogspot.com image credit: msnickellecadvisory.blogspot.com

Maybe talk to yourself in writing about discouragements, failures, successes, how the job is going, the state of the family, your worries, etc.  Then  read the letter and give yourself advice.  Honest, truthful advice.

Are poor eating habits standing in the way of you getting out and doing more?  Is your out-of-control spending standing in the way of you pursuing a more likeable job?  Is procrastination holding you back from living life?  Is your general negative attitude keeping you from excelling?

Whatever the issues might be, give yourself advice.  Think about it and let me know your thoughts.

Big Dreamer

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