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Quick catch up, I’ve been out of the loop again, my Star Son has bronchitis, and while I thought he’d be “Ok for school” on Monday he really hasn’t been ok. So he’s had this week off school which is not ideal because he has school holidays starting on Friday, but that means he’s been sick for the last 12 weeks! Since the school term is 10 weeks long and he got sick on the start of last school holidays! Then yesterday I spoke to a lady (The Pastors wife) who I have started going to Bible study group with and I was telling her and she said it’s taken her 6 months to recover from Whooping cough then Bronchitis and then Pneumonia which put her in hospital..her advice was “don’t mess with it, let him stay home and recover” and in short I feel validated now for being a “Neurotic mother” when I was lecturing the men of the household about doing sport training in the cold weather..I even started to doubt myself and think maybe I was over reacting.. but now the DR and a friend have said the same thing.. I was right.. nah nah nah!

So Star Son has been home, laying around on the couch or his bed and eating and drinking and taking his medicine and slowly the cough is lessening, at least he’s not complaining about chest pains and telling me “Muuuum I’m having a heart attack” So while our daily routine has changed somewhat, and I wasn’t having Squishy because Jasmin was home from work, I did manage to get some art done! Yay!!


This piece if I am honest with you, I didn’t enjoy. I struggled to sit and watch the clip and I struggled with the doing, not because it was too hard but I wasn’t in love with it.. it’s called “Celebrating Heart connections” progress photo.


Finished piece which in the end of all the classes we bind them into a book, hence the title of the year long class “Life Book”

It took me three days to get this one done I just couldn’t get in to it.. so when I finished that I moved onto “Quirky birds” right way the name of class excited me. Someone suggested that I skip the ones that I didn’t like but I refuse to do that! Specially since my good friend Carrol gifted me the course.

So here’s the start of “Quirky Birds” we had to make an accordion fold book..


Close up of one of the layers I did, with home made sprays… I didn’t have a chance to go shopping so I made my own sprays with Acrylic paint and water.. and the blue “rose” is a piece of curtain fabric I used as a stencil. Also I was gifted some inks from a friend who was moving overseas so I thought I’d experiment with those as well.

IMG_2081Another part of the four piece panel Also used some of my water soluble crayons on the edges to blend in a bit more colour


Long view of the panels… so what happens is it folds up into a kind of book and each of the panels you paint a “quirky bird” I’m hoping to finish it or at least work on it some more today!

Last week I stepped out of my comfort Zone in a huge way. I’ve been doing art since 2008 when I started doing pastel lessons and most of the stuff I’ve done I’ve kept for myself. I did a lizard for my cousin and I did a piece with the Disney princesses for my daughter’s 18th, and recently I did “Pugalicious” for my Mother-in-law but I don’t do anything with my art I file it all away, until I got brave and painted  a piece of “Australiana” for my good friend Terri who lives in the USA. Ever since I started pen palling with Terri she has been fascinated with Kangaroos and so recently she went out of her way to find me some Christian stickers to use in an art group I was in with Bible art journaling and Terri sent me a care package which I was really grateful for so I decided to paint her a kangaroo in return and then I got the courage to post it to her with a 10 page letter.

This morning on FB Terri reported that Kevin Kangaroo had arrived safely and she loved him, which made me feel good because the background is Orange and I think Orange is a love it or hate it kind of colour, personally I LOVE IT!! Then I got notification that Terri had commented again, s I went to look and this is what I see..

“No worries. See? He already is framed and jumped right into place in my peach bathroom!

Not only has Kevin arrived he’s already on her wall! I am so relieved!! and now I can officially say I have a piece of art in America! It’s a kind of nice feeling!! Actually another American friend asked me if I would paint more and sell them, which would be another nice thing because It’s on my bucket list “to sell one piece of art”

How is your Wednesday? is this week going slow for everyone else?


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