Personal Fashion Observations

I have been doing this course as well, and its truly life changing, I’ll come back later and blog about how “Finding my type” has changed me!

and then we danced

I feel like I’m still discovering what I like when it comes to clothe. I like clothes and they matter to me, yet it can be easy for me to buy quick clothes that is cheap and impulsive at thrift stores (sometimes, not always anymore depending which store). After wearing it only a few times, it’s like why did I buy this?! Either it gets stretched funny, or stained easily or has a hole that I didn’t notice at the time of purchase. Sometimes I do make out like a bandit and find some great name brand bargains in perfect condition.

My friend Lucy and I have discussed numerous times the worth of buying second-hand versus brand new. It seems to us like it’s probably worth it more in the long run to buy brand new then $7 here and $8 there that only get sent back to Goodwill two months later…

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