Something to think about..

Occasionally you read a post that makes you think.. “How would I answer that?” and so this morning as I was having a quick peek at my emails (I say a “quick peek” because I was supposed to be doing my bible studies.. so I skim and then go back and read in-depth) I saw this post Wish and the title was “Wishing well” so I went to read it and it made me think… “How would I answer that?”

The original question was… ” What do you wish for the most?”

Back in the day a year or so ago, before I started my “Walk with the Lord” I would have answered it as “I wish for a million dollars and to be able to travel anywhere I want” but then I met the Lord, started reading and following his words and I realized it’s not about “the money” “IF” he wants me to travel and when indeed he does want me to travel the money will be there.. so I don’t answer that way anymore.

Ever since I was a little girl, 10 yrs old, I have wanted to go to America, it’s been the only long-term goal I have ever had. I am the Australian Gal that sings the American national anthem at the Olympic games, I am the Aussie Gal that Cheers for the American motorbike rider, Nicky Hayden #69.. even when he was beating the Aussie guy and I was surrounded by Big burly leather clad patriotic Aussie bikers.. and there is me yelling “Go Nicky!!”

There are wishes that are so deeply buried that you can’t think about those ones.. the ones that make your heart ache and tears well in your eyes. I know Diana from Holistic had the same response she said so here: “I couldn’t speak. The question distilled my deepest desires down to sudden tears that stung.” I know that feeling.

In the meantime I “thought” I wanted to be married to one man and live happily ever after, that didn’t work and that dream changed.

Then I wanted to be a “Mother” that dream has happened and continues to happen, and now they’ve added the “Grand” to it. So it’s a whole other level, funny when you think of being a “Mother” do you think about one day becoming a “Grand-Mother“?

I didn’t, until they both told me if was going to be happening..It was never on my radar, I could always imagine myself “old and bent and grey” but never did I imagine wearing the title “Grandma

I “thought” I wanted to be a career woman, so I got a job at 16 and worked my way up from rock bottom to the manager of the Deli department, and then decided it wasn’t that much fun telling everyone else what to do.. I quit..

I became a “Mother“, I can’t quit from that job, oh maybe some women can in fact I’ve heard tell of a few that have, they’ve just picked up and said “I’ve had enough of this job“, and quit but that’s not me at ALL.

Then “I thought” I wanted to be a “Writer“.. so I signed up for a Writing Class and started learning that, and I broke two type writers (yes back then we typed with type writers and sent off “hard copies” to places to be critiqued) and finally my then husband gave up and got a friend to set up a computer for us, so I could type and print… and then we got the internet and the world opened up to me.. and the writing never went much further. I did co write a piece which got published I wanted to win the $2,500 prize money to go to America, instead I won $50 but I got published and I did end up going to America the same year.

Then “I thought” That I would be “an artist“.. so I did a class and shocked almost everyone when it seemed so easy to do pastel drawings, but REAL artists sell their work, so I started doing an online class to market my work and sell my art..and again, I had to Sell myself which I am not good at so… I quit!

Then “I thought” I wanted to be a “Party planner“… they don’t have a course you can take for that.. so I decided to be a “Wedding planner” and use the skills to plan parties.. well that lasted about as long as it took for me to pay the money for the course and start the first module and I decided that once again, I’d have to be telling people WHAT TO DO.. and that if it was a JOB I wouldn’t love it as much as I do now.. so I quit!

Then I asked God… “what do YOU think I should “be”?”  because everyone tells us we have to “be something when we grow up”  Then I realized I am “doing something” I am a Wife, I am a Mother I am a Grand-Mother, I am an artist (So I don’t sell my work I still do it and it gives ME joy) 

Then I spent sometime with my journal and I again realized… these Ah Ha moments have been pretty powerful..

I am doing all the things on my “wish list” it just looks different from when I first wished it.

I am a Wife… The Bloke thinks I am a Great wife who compliments him.

I am a Mother.. four born and one inherited child

I am a GrandMa… Three and counting..

I am a Party Planner.. I give great parties, I can pull them off as easily as breathing, and I love nothing better than a good theme. And I’ve helped plan three weddings as well (two were my own!)

I am an Artist,.. So I haven’t sold anything, I have nice works of MY art of my walls, that I look at as I pass and saw “wow! I did that!” 

I am a Writer… Because I write my journal, because I write  this blog, I love this blog, it’s like my journal, I can’t imagine NOT doing it.

The only thing left now is “Travel“… it’s still there.. I STILL want it, I crave it.. I watch any travel documentary, I read travel memoirs, I pour over maps, travel guides, I am obsessed.. America is still top of my list I want to and I WILL do all the 50 states of America, I WILL do that… some day,right now the Lord has blessed me with a husband that has no desire to go overseas, that and the fact that he HATES to fly.. but for now, we are working our way through Australia. I can say I have now been to every State and Territory in Australia, some more than once. In September we will add a bit more of that sight-seeing to our list.

So What do you wish for? My simple answer…. a never-ending plane ticket….

Remember picking dandelions and making a wish and blowing on it… I still do that and I wish to travel!!

But my readers… What do YOU wish for?

9 thoughts on “Something to think about..

  1. This is a lovely post! It reflects so many blessings and so much gratitude (fruits of our love for the Lord) that it is a wonder that there is a wish left! I do hope you are able to travel to the United States one day, such adoring fans are a rarity. 🙂 I will have to contemplate my wish….

  2. I lived in a country where there was no chance of my seeing another country in my lifetime. From childhood, I had wanted to visit the UK and see all the places described in Enid Blyton, the English Classic Books, Agatha Christie, PG Wodehouse, and other English writers wrote about. Deep down in my heart I knew I would do it but I never knew how because resources were scant and I didn’t have a passport. God knew the dream of my heart and one day he took me to a country, working where we managed to save enough money to visit the UK, not once but twice. I had a dream of visiting the US which I never thought would come true but it has and I have visited this country 4 times now. You can’t see the entire country in one visit but I have visited 4 corners of the states in 4 visits.
    Reading about Heidi and watching Sound of Music as a child, I wanted to visit Switzerland and Austria and I did that too. I have visited the Holy Land once and hope to do it again but most of my travel dreams have come true.
    I am now looking forward to my educational dreams coming true and those of becoming a true academician. I believe if the dream is there, all the forces of nature will work together to make it come true. I know the USA is waiting for you to visit. Prayers and love,

    • Susie!! Don’t you just LOVE how books transport us from the here and now to anywhere in the world!
      My travel lust began when a close friend made a trip to the US of A in the 70’s, we were 10 yrs old and she came back after months with exotic tales of Disneyland and Hawaii and all the things she did and saw and ate! The new wonder woman lunch box and the Mickey Mouse ears. I was so envious and yet I couldn’t get enough of her stories about the long plane trip and the whole trip, the photos everything. I am still the same, I LOVE to hear peoples travel tales and what they did, saw, experienced, ate! I think thats probably why I love pen palling so much, I travel without leaving home, I classically call myself an “arm chair traveller”
      At the moment, raising my children and now Grand babies has my attention but we ALL know my day is coming!
      One of my daughters has been to America and she brought me back the best piece of Americana as a gift.. A lump of the Grand Canyon, with a drawing of a A Native American on it. She got me!
      My son is also slightly obsessed with America and Jamaica, so I have spawned two more with travel lust!

      • Kim,
        I can see you visiting your dream country but the country of the 1970s would be very different from what it is now.
        The 1970s were the golden years. I had seen pictures of the US growing up, which again was in the 1970s and it looked like paradise to me. When I first went to the US in 2009, I was sorely disappointed- it was the year after recession started.

      • Oh I went in 2000 for three weeks I saw a part of Detroit and a small piece of New York and Upstate New York, and what I found was it was much like home. Especially one corner of Detroit, I had a flash back to standing in Melbourne, very eerie. And even though its so much like home, its also so different. When we go anywhere (we’ve been to the Cook Islands so far as a family,) we step into the locals shoes, we eat like them, we try and learn the language and be like them! So there are so many states in America for me to explore! I keep telling my family “no more stuff” give me experiences I can journal about, take photos of and remember, not store away and forget.

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