100 Blog Followers!

Yay!! It’s a bit exciting in a silly way, I mean it’s my blog, no big deal right? but to me it’s so much more!

I love my Blog, I nurture it and call it my 6th Child, and most of the family come up with Blog suggestions.

I’ve made some wonderful friends, picked up some new penpals and it’s also a way to share my photos with friends who don’t have Facebook.

So you’ll all be able to travel along with us as we do “Big Lap WA” for two months of camping adventures..

So to the wonderful gentleman who is known as an Aspiring writer thank you SO MUCH for coming on board!

I hope that you will visit often and laugh much!


10 thoughts on “100 Blog Followers!

      • We all get excited by the small milestones as they very often lead to bigger ones! Yes, that will be so special when she calls you ‘Grandma’ for the first time 🙂

      • Well today Squishy who is 19 months said “Ma!” Thats the first time ever he has acknowledged me. he knows who I am and he’ll go to me and he stays with me most days and if anyone says “wheres Grandma?” He will point or look or look at the fridge where there are photos. But today he pulled away from my husband and said “No Ma!” So I took him and asked “Aww do you want Grandma?” He said “Ma!” So I was quietly doing a little happy dance!

  1. Speaking of new penpals I will be finishing up the letter to you over the weekend, I did start it as soon as yours arrived but then with all the book launch stuff it has been say on my desk waiting for me to finish it 😀

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