I’m in a funk…

I have made a visit to Dr Google and I am SAD….

  1. People with SAD have many of the normal warning signs of depression, including:
    • Less energy.
    • Trouble concentrating.
    • Fatigue.
    • Greater appetite.
    • Increased desire to be alone.
    • Greater need for sleep.
    • Weight gain.

    Seasonal Depression (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

    I am like a slug I get up get the Star son off to school and then I am tired! I force myself to do the house work and most days except today I have an afternoon nap…

    “Concentrating”… What’s that? A cookie..oh look there’s a dirty mark on the floor, I need to wash the floor.. put on a load of washing, clean up the bathroom, wash the hall way walls… my stomach is growling I’m hungry, Oh look, here’s a cookie!! Concentration? what is that?
    “Greater Appetite” and “weight gain” should be linked together… I’ve stacked on 5 kilograms this winter… don’t be alarmed I will start the Green Smoothie routine on Monday and see it start falling off, my daughter is to blame she buys bloody donuts and McDonald’s! She thinks she is sharing but she is trying to kill me I’m sure of it..
    “Increased desire to be alone” nothing new there! I am most happiest when I am alone.
    “greater need for sleep” escaping into sleep? sleep brings dreams.. warm sunshine, tropical islands.. you know what I mean!

    Let’s see what Dr Google says is treatment?

    How Is SAD Diagnosed?

    If you’ve been feeling depressed and have some of the above symptoms, see your doctor for an assessment. He or she will recommend the right form of treatment for you.

    Dr Google says… How Is Seasonal Depression Treated?

    There are different treatments, depending on the severity of your symptoms. Also, if you have another type of depression or bipolardisorder, the treatment may be different.

    Many doctors recommend that people with SAD get outside early in the morning to get more natural light. If this is impossible because of the dark winter months, antidepressantmedications or light therapy (phototherapy) may help.

    So that translates to me.. ignore it, carry more tissues for the sudden tears that fall and  keep busy! Yesterday I had no babies, Amber and Sweetpea are still away about 3 hours drive from home, and Jasmin had yesterday off so Squishy was with her.. So I spent the morning viciously attacking the house, it was screaming in pain! floors swept, and scrubbed, Backdeck cleaned and parts of it scrubbed, walls washed, dinner prepared and all this done with very loud music in the background. I “thought” I might do some art perfect opportunity but I couldn’t be bothered after all that! So I had a cat nap and then Star Son was nudging me by 9.00 pm to “Stay awake Mum” Today I had Squishy until about 10.30 am, so I did all the usual morning things and then more sweeping and cleaning, today I did the en suite, and scrubbing the toilet and getting rid of spider webs on vaulted ceilings and scrubbing stuff. But don’t feel bad, because at the same time I had two half projects for art based stuff on the go, waiting for layers of paint and or glue to dry. I’ve been flat-out. So.. Yesterday when we got up in the morning this is what we found…


    And people wonder why I have “SAD”??

    its bloody cold people.. in Geelong I heard on the radio it was only minus 1.6 C this is now officially the coldest winter in 20 years… and 20 years ago I was well I was 20 years younger so I didn’t mind the cold, well I did but not as much!

    I  cannot complain about the weather I know so many of you out there have it so much worse. Yes I am a whiny baby! Sorry I just am!

    But then I go out of the front door.. where there is NO HEATING and BRRRRR…

    IMG_2300 IMG_2299

    My Parsley is snapped frozen!!

    It actually looks very pretty here!

    Then as if that wasn’t bad enough…


    That is frost or ice or something cold and white all over the pond!!

    Wait it’s getting worse I am building it up for you… on the top of our camping trailer we have a tarp to protect the metal from the weather HA!! And on the weekend I said to my Bloke

    Bloke, let’s drain this water off here, aren’t you worried about it making the trailer rusty?”

    Bloke said “Nah it’ll be ok, but we will empty it“… well it didn’t get done and then this happened…


    It looks like a puddle with leaves floating in it… it’s actually a miniature ice skating rink for the cats or the birds!

    It was frozen solid!! and it was still partly frozen at 2.00 pm! Hate to tell you this, for the fact that I may be repeating myself but I HATE WINTER!!!

    So here’s what I did today to take my mind off the horrible weather outside…

     Here is the video clip I watched.. it’s easy!!


9 thoughts on “I’m in a funk…

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  2. I am not sure I could say I have SAD I do however think I am part bear as I have an urge to hibernate as soon as it gets chilly, I do find it harder to motivate myself in Winter but that could partly be down to central heating making me too snug at home to want to go out. Not sure if you would have had chance to see this but I can safely say I would not have lasted five minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNX5qOU9JK8

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