BIG LAP 2015… 36 days to go…

36 glorious days till we up and run away! (Ohh I’m a poet and I didn’t know it!) so in honor of tat I brought myself a t-shirt.. hopefully the weather will be warmer over that way and I’ll get to wear it.. but here’s a sneak peek!


Because YES!! we are heading pver to WA!! (Western Australia)

apparently Perth which is the capital city in Western AUstralia is the fourth largest city in Australia.. well who knew? not me.. until I started researching for Star Son’s Journal.

So it’s creeping ever closer and it’s time to start thinking (for the boys, I’ve got mine totally worked out) what clothes they might take and whats on the menu!! When we travel we take one small bag each, it’s actually a bag that goes inside a Motorcycle’s panniers boxes… so it’s THAT SMALL… when we went the first time I was like “I’m a GIRl I can NOT be expected to only take that much” but my DB (Darling Bloke) insisted that was ALL we had room for. So I made it work and work it did.. I went half way around Australia with four pairs of shoes!! A Pair of hiking boots, a pair of sandals, a pair of dressy thongs and a pair of wedges..Nicer slip on shoes in case we went out for dinner. Now I have heard women say that it’s NOT POSSIBLE to only take that few pairs of shoes, BUT I DID IT!! This time I am not even taking the wedges, if they don’t let me in with my dressy thongs then I’m not going in.

I am a HUGE fan of mix and match, so the rest of the outfits are easy, 3/4’s leggings, shorts, long pants for night when it’s cold, a pair of jeans, four t-shirts and four long-sleeved tops and a cardigan and a jacket in case it’s chilly it’s waterproof and lives in the car. I am taking a swimsuit, but I doubt it’ll be arm enough to swim, unless we o to some hot springs along the way. And the one thing I refuse to travel without is my “witchy shawl” it’s big and long and black, but on a cold night you can totally immerse yourself in it and not feel the cold.. it comes everywhere camping with me. I am also very guilty of and DB (Darling Bloke) will attest I LOVE SARONGS!! So remembering I have limited space in MY bag, last time I snuck some into Star Son’s bag and also a few into DB’s bag, and quickly took them out before he saw them (Shhh.. he’s going to read this and kill me!) BUT they are so handy! Let me tell you why...

  • they dry super quickly,
  • they hide your chubby bits when you get out of the pool,
  • they don’t cling to you on a hot day,
  • you can wear them for a dress
  • you can wear then as a skirt.
  • you can wear them as shorts
  • you can wear them as a top
  • you can wear them as a head wrap (to hide bad hair days)
  • you can wear the as a little wrap if the wind comes up
  • they keep your shoulders covered to avoid sunburn
  • They layer nicely under the “witchy shawl” if it’s really cold.
  • they make good table cloths
  • they make good dish towels to dry the dshes
  • excellent picnic rugs
  • windscreen shades in hot cars
  • sunshade on the tent when DB faces the tent the wrong way.
  • they keep the bugs outta your food on the table while you are preparing things
  • when Star Son was sick he used only a silk sarong for his bedding for a solid week.
  • folded up right they make a pillow
  • folded up right they make a quick shopping bag

I’m sure there’s more that’s about all I can think of so far! As you can see I LOVE sarongs.. I took 11 last time.. the Bloke will tell you “we would have had more room except the Sheila brought 34,000 sarongs” HA HA! this time I am taking less shoes so I think MORE sarongs are in order!!

What else is a must have? drugs.. we have started buying up the chew able Advil that Star Son will eat, because there’s a Murphy’s law kinda thing that says whenever you go away someone will get sick… last time I got my first ever cold sore.. never had one in my life, I think I was so nervous about being out o my comfort zone for so long I developed a cold sore, got rid of that then got a cold, which turned into a chest infection, I Lived on Panadol the first two weeks… so Drugs are being packed and cold sore cream and lip balm, we ALL had trouble with cracked lips in the desert. The Bloke keeps a fully stocked first aid kit on the car at all times along with out hats and rain coats.. so they are covered.

Then there’s the food bucket, with the essentials like Coffee, sugar and milo, a bottle opener,salt and pepper, eggs, matches/lighter for the gas stove and mozzie coils, We also have some snacky things in there for handy reaching for bored Star Sons who eat when they are bored. Then we will add things like canned foods, tomato sauce, most of this stuff can be brought along the way anyways.

In the Fridge– fondly named “Goldie” we have butter, cheese, our meat and cold drinks, beer for the Bloke and soft drinks/water for star son and I.

We also carry a collapsible picnic basket/chiller bag in the car with us, and that has our days food , so mixed sandwiches for lunch, and snacks, usually fruit and chips for the Star Son easily able to access. If we have a long drive, I will make the lunches before we got and they are nice and cold put them in the picnic basket which is a chiller bag and  they stay cold most of the day if they are not in the direct sun. So when we go on things like day tripping to Rottnest Island we will take our own foods and save money there, maybe just buy ice creams and cold drinks there.

Everything else goes into “Tilly trailer”

kimsphone1 186

Matilda or “Tilly” for short.

So maybe I’ll introduce you to the crew…

Heidi in the desert

Heidi in the desert- she tows Tilly.

This bloke always makes his Sheila happy, he spoils and indulges me, I am a very lucky Wife,

This bloke always makes his Sheila happy, he spoils and indulges me, I am a very lucky Wife,

Will was keen to slide down he dune!

Star Son- Will was keen to slide down he dune!

campingnov2013 063

So this is a typical camp scene.. left to right 

Jimmy “thunderbox” (toilet)

Middle with the kitchen is our tent “Tamara” the kitchen is “Donna Drifter” and right is Will’s tent “Tyler

So that is us.. and 36 more days to go and then we will share the next camp set up!


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