Meeting the in-laws!

Its wednesday.. already! How did that happen?

Monday- Amber , Sweetpea and I went to another shopping center called “Woodgrove” over in the neighbouring town of Melton. I decided that even though I am trying to grow my hair out (remember I shaved it all off in March for the “Worlds Greatest Shave” to raise money for leukemia.) Now I am going to be “MOB” I need a nice hair style, so it’s time to grow it out.. but it’s sticking up every which way and generally being a pain, at home I hide it under a hat or a head scarf, but tonight.. well tonight we are off to meet the “in-laws” so I needed to have “decent hair” Now I know the hair dresser cut my hair, I saw a little bit lying on the floor of the salon when I got up to leave, but it’s not really noticeable, so I asked her “well what exactly did you do?” she said “I tidied up the back, fixed your bird wings and  gave you a shampoo and head massage and I paid $59.00 OUCH!!!


Oh and another thing she did which I never do… was she put a product in my hair.. some kind of wax stuff.. I usually hate it because it makes your hair rock hard and yuck, but whatever she used as nice and soft but it worked so here I am looking pleased with my new ‘do!

 Tuesday- was one of those lazy stay at home days which is usually my Monday. so I got some art done.. which makes me happy.

But the days have been going so fast I hardly had time to complete that one… it seems as though the days are flying.

So here it is Wednesday and we are off to dinner at Jasmin’s to meet her future in-law’s Anna and Dale. Wee met them briefly at Jasmin’s house the day of the Engagement announcement. And then I saw Anna again at Jasmin’s Tupperware party, but it will be nice to sit and have time to chat. So I asked Jasmin what’s on the  Menu and she said “we will have finger food” The Bloke as always likes to point out he doesn’t eat fingers.. (insert dumb laugh it makes him feel good!)

So as I do. I offered to make something to take to help her out since she’s been working this morning. I settled on meatloaf and mash, which I know is a hit with all MY family, but I made them as “finger food” so they will (hopefully) look like cup cakes.. Meatloaf and the “frosting” will be mashed potatoes…well… until….


I just burnt the last three potatoes.. and pumpkin!!

The whole house smells terrible and thankfully my daughter now drives so I’ve sent her off to buy me more potatoes.. and let this be a lesson.. do NOT Blog while cooking dinner…Oh my.. however will I get that pot clean??!

remember a few weeks ago I shared This post? About the Cafe Style Muffin Wraps.. well today I put that to good use and made some.. they truly were easy!

So I have my new hair, and I come offering food.. wish me luck as I meet the “in-laws” I would ideally like to be friendly with the in-law’s because God willing, some day soon we might have Grandchildren in common and so it’s always fun to have family gatherings… isn’t it? In “normal” families they seem to enjoy those things.. never in MY family.. but hey, maybe I can make a change for the good?

I need to go and clean the burnt potato pot and cook more potatoes and I need to figure out what I should wear.. ahhh the stress… but on a positive note… only 31 more days till we leave for our trip!!


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