It’s Monday again… *sigh*

So we are on the count down for our “Big Lap WA” it’s officially only 26 more days.. the time is flying by and it suddenly starts to feel real.

This weekend coming, we are working on checking the trailer and stocking up on essentials.. new batteries for torches and things like that. This past weekend we went and brought ourselves new fishing rods.

Here is a photo of my new Rod.. the Bloke always a smart ass, went into the store and asked for some rods. and then asked for “A Sheila rod,” I added something pink and cute. So look at this lovely bit of art work on my rod, who knew they could be so pretty?

Look at these grips and that beautiful pink and silver reel.. you know I’m almost certainly guaranteed to catch a fish with this rod and the added bonus a pretty pink cap!

I do believe that’s the first time and most probably the last time I’ve ever been called a “Femme Fatale” but as you can see its to help raise money for Breast Cancer, so I’m proud to wear it… at least while I’m fishing!!

I had Star Son home from school sick Thursday and Friday, and then Friday morning the Bloke woke up sick and so he stayed home and we packed up and went to our holiday place, not much use staying here sharing he germs around/

Then Sunday morning I woke up with a croaky, scratchy throat and now I’m sick.. I am SO OVER WINTER!! this is the fourth time this winter we’ve been sick, my daughter Jasmin and Grandson Squishy are home in isolation with conjunctivitis and Squish has an added ear infection.. poor sweety!

I just keep humming to myself… 26 more days, 26 more days, lah lah lah lag lahhhh!

Last week The Bloke was on one of the forums he regularly visits and asked about “free camping” we are equipped for FREE CAMPING with our solar panels and own toilet etc, but so ar we have nt done much of it.. ok we’ve done none, because last November we went to DO some FREE camping but the lake was empty so we statyed in a caravan park in Wentworth instead. So someone on the forum mentioned “Pildappa Rock” which I have never heard of before and so as I do.. I went to google and found it and love it!!

Pildappa Rock is in South Australia, we have to drive past the turn off so we think we’ll go visit.. I mean it looks amazing!!

Karcultaby Area School should be congratulated for carrying out revegetation work around the base of Pildappa Rock. Good on you guys!

Photo from

Pildappa Rock's Flare Structure is a commonly seen feature of inselbergs. Only rarely are such structures found as large as those at Pildappa Rock.

The articles I’ve been reading are saying it’s as good as or Better than Wave Rock in Hyden in Western Australia, which is on our list of “must sees”

Whenever we are planning a trip, I always ask the “blokes” what do you most want to see? and we get together a list, the big Bloke chose Wave Rock.

Wave Rock

I love rocks, I have always loved Rocks, I fell in love at first sight with Uluru, and left a piece of my heart there. So I am excited to see these rocks, although I doubt they will hold the fascination of Uluru for me.. I could be wrong… but I think even Kata Juta (The Olgas- Uluru’s Sister rocks) has more call to my heart. Watch this space there will be LOTS of rocky photos!


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