24 days to go…. Diets, rocks and such…

Until we leave for our trip.. and I am so sick… it’s what is keeping me going.

This is the fourth time this year I have been sick,me, who never gets sick, it seems that my house is a breeding ground for germs this year. Maybe it’s the long cold winter we are having who knows, we’ve had the flu, whooping-cough, Bronchitis, now there’s a bout of ear infections and conjunctivitis doing the rounds.. arrghhh.

So 24 days to go… what’s new?

The Bloke has given up his electronic cigarette, he made that part of his “New Years resolution” honestly, as much as I love my Bloke, I didn’t think he’d do it. He gave up smoking three years in October and has been using the electronic cigarette since then. It’s been good for him the horrible morning cough went and he get his fitness back quickly. Then last week he ran out of the “juice” that he puts in the electronic cigarette and so he just stopped. It’s hard seeing him still reaching for it, I guess it’s much like me I am lost without my mobile phone near by, I use it as my main camera these days, it’s so convenient and it’s also nice and small and it takes awesome photos which I can upload straight to here or to Facebook.

So the Bloke is officially up to date with his resolutions.. mine are slightly more detailed…

  • Go deeper with the Lord,
  • Read “Aussie Authors”
  • New Recipe every 2 weeks
  • The Daniel Plan

Can I say 2 out of 4 is not bad?! maybe to you guys I could but for me it won’t wash!! So I need to work on the others.

I’ve been Getting deeper with the Lord for sure. I go to bible study every two weeks (unless I am going to share germs then I wont go) I’ve met a lovely group of ladies who have made me feel so welcome. And I’ve spoken to the Pastors Wife about getting baptised next time they do a service. Plus I do my online bible study with Good Morning Girls where we are blogging through the bible one book at a time, we are currently on Summer break ( America’s not mine) So I am definitely ticking this challenge as “done” at the end of the year!

Read Aussie Authors is going well.. a little slower than I hoped but the books I’ve chosen have been longer books and not my usual reading style but I have not read any books other than my Bible that are NOT written by an Australian author, I am totally expecting this one to go much quicker in 24 more days, I’ll take a pile of books with me and leave them in assorted caravan parks along the way as I finish them so that some other travelers can enjoy them! So again I will be ticking this as “done” at the end of the year.

As for the other two.. the new recipe every two weeks is not going to happen, I keep slipping the odd new recipe in, but they are complaining “we miss the “old food” so although I have tried a few “New Recipes” I kind of knew this one was never going to be easy!

The Daniel Plan- I am currently supposed to be detoxifying.. I lasted two weeks, I gave up dairy, coffee and bread, then Amber happened and since she doesn’t think I’m fat she doesn’t see the benefit of what I am trying to do so she goes shopping and brings home lunches and snacks. So in 24 days when I go on the Big Lap this will be coming into plan, and I will have the 2 months I am away to detox from all this “nasty” sugar, coffee, dairy, bread is the hardest battle I have because I only use dairy in my coffee and I’ve quit coffee again so that wasn’t hard to give up, I can now live with out cheese and yoghurt. On the Big Lap we will have limited foods with us, No! we won’t be starving, but we won’t have access to fast foods for a lot of the time, so that makes it much easier to eat the healthier foods that I plan to stock. Proteins and fresh fruits and veggies and Water. So I will get back on track for this one, enough to tick it off as done at the end of the year. So really the only one I’m classing as “failed” is the new recipe every two weeks.

On the Big Lap news front.. 

The Bloke is on a forum called “Caravanners forum” and he asked for advice on places to visit along the way. My job as “co-pilot” is to check out links and see if there’s anything we want to add and if it’s anywhere near where we are going or not too far out of our way. Apparently and this is a fact that I never knew.. Western Australia and even parts of South Australia are full of giant rocks… you might have read this post here where I spoke about “Pildappa Rock” we have now added not only a visit there we are now planning to stay there a few days. it’s free camping next to a Big Rock, whats not to love about that?!

So last night the Bloke tells me “Some one has added a bunch of links for you to check out” so as a dutiful wifey that I am I went to do just that, I think by 11.30pm and me croaking “Oh my..look at this one!!” he was wishing he never told me about the links on the site!

Because OH MY!! look at some of these places!!

Mulka’s Cave

Not only is this place now on our “to see list” it’s also on the way to “Wave Rock” I love places that are not out-of-the-way so that the Bloke is more likely to stop and let us explore.

Eaglestone Rock

Situated in the NungarinShire along Brown South Road, the Hill abuts Lake Brown. Patches of York Gum woodland abut the rock which has stands of red Kunzea pulchella adding patches of colour in late spring. Wedgetail eagles are often seen perched on the Rock. A good picnic area with toilets and camping facilities.

Lake Brown from Eaglestone Rock.

Depending on what we find here we will probably camp a night or two. This is on the banks of a salt lake which is the white stuff in the background on this photo.

There are many of these rocky outcrops along the way and I’m sure we won’t be able to see them all, so I’m adding the link here! So I can find them later to review my itinerary.

Did I mention only 24 days to go…..


15 thoughts on “24 days to go…. Diets, rocks and such…

  1. Why you giving up bread? How can you do communion? Not all bread is bad.
    I know about diets, as I am on Weight Watchers, so hang in there.

    • I am doing the Daniel Plan Lee they recommend we detox from all wheat and grain to give our bodies a chance to clean out the build up of muck then you can re integrate it. My problem is I am lazy so bread is go to easy fix food and I’m not active enough (lazy!) to work off the extra carbs. So I avoid bread or limit it to very occasionally and I only use spy linseed bread it has the most goodness in it. You see the wheat we make breads with today is not what they used is biblical times it’s been so over modified to grow bigger, faster and more amounts of produce it’s also lost most of its goodness. The Daniel Plan teaches us to eat like our great Grandparent would do. Not processed etc.

      • I understand about the wheat. We have a lady at church who grinds her own grain and bakes her own bread. It is VERY GOOD!

      • Oh I wish I knew that lady! From the reports I’ve read our modern wheat is nothing like the biblical times wheat, plus in biblical times they were by force of nature much more active herding sheep, goats etc which explains why they didn’t have the obesity problems slot of us have today and no sugars or not as potent sugars back them either so no type of diabetes etc.
        what does weight watchers say in regards to bread? Do they allow it or prefer you to restrict it?

      • We restrict it. I eat 45 calorie bread, whole wheat, which cost me 1 point. Of course WW is not christian, but we do eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and small amounts of meat.

  2. If I had known you would leave books randomly on your travel would have sent you a couple of print copies lol I love that idea, I know there is a site where you can do it then track the book (assuming those that pick it up follow in the spirit of the thing) Hope you have a great trip by my reckoning you should have hit the road by now

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