I’m baccckkk!!

hello everyone,

did you miss me?

I have been so sick and I even ended up going to the Doctor for some help when my ear started to feel like it was full of glue!

So Saturday morning I went to the Dr he listened very closely as I croaked and coughed my way to what the problem was and the  put up his hand to shush me… He said “I know EXACTLY what is wrong with you, just by looking at you but even hearing your voice I can tell.. you have Influenza A” lovely.. Influenza A.. it concerns from throat to chest area, “Yes your throat is very red! No your chest sounds fine, no temperature but Oh!! your ear!! You Also have a middle ear infection” So this Influenza A causes laryngitis and the cough, check had that since last Sunday, ut apparently my chest was OK which is a relief… I only had one day of fever so that was good and I would have ignored it all except for my ear! So I left $50 poorer and with a prescription for antibiotics to kill the ear infection.

So when I get sick I like to hibernate (actually I like to hibernate ALL the time) so this timing was really not good. Amber went away Thursday night to Sydney for the weekend because it was my elder son’s 21st birthday. Originally he had made plans to come to Victoria to spend the weekend for his Birthday with HIS father… who suddenly decided that he was “busy” that weekend attending SOMEONE elses 21st… dog! Several things he upset me.. A) he didn’t remember when his SONS birthday was and B) he made plans to celebrate SOMEONE ELSES SONS 21st birthday over his OWN SON!! I am so mad with him. A wise friend of mine said “it’s HIS issue to dal with not mine and that I shouldn’t let him have rent space in my head, yes I KNOW that is wise and smart BUT I am a Mother who feels wounded on behalf of her son.

I guess in a way too, I also felt guilty because I couldn’t go to Sydney to celebrate with him, because my Star SON had his Grand final football match on the Sunday. We offered to fly Jarrah down to Melbourne for the weekend and have a little party for him, but he was uncomfortable flying on his own which is fair enough.

So Amber left of Thursday night and I said weeks ago I’d have Scarlett for the weekend..I didn’t expect that Id be so sick. Scarlett was also sick, and so we were giving her drops for Conjunctivitis and Panadol for her cold.. she’s a terror she had to be held down to get these things done. Of course apparently I’m the only one who can do the job, which also for a time makes me number one enemy.. which hurts because I cry with her and say “I’m sorry but you need to have this done” then she won’t come near me for ages because I’m the baddy who hurts her and makes her have terrible medicine.

Thursday night I think I got three hours sleep.

Friday I was a zombie all day with both the babies and a throbbing ear, needless to say I forewarned the family, don’t expect the house to be shiny and bright when you get home and we three spent the day being lazy, snuggled up reading books and watching mindless children’s tv shows.

Friday night again with Scarlett, I ended up sleeping in Amber’s bed with her again, and I got maybe 5 hours sleep. But it wasn’t so bad because The Bloke and Star Son were home to help me with the babies. We had a messing around the house kind of day doing chores and not too much else.

Saturday night I was really a zombie, and I slept through till 6.00am, if Scarlett woke up I didn’t hear her and at 600am Sunday The Bloke got her up and brought her into our bed so “grandma can sleep a bit more” she went back to sleep until 8.00am. We had to get up and go to Star Son’s “Grand Final” which means that NO MORE FOOTBALL!! and that also indicates that Winter is almost over.. I am so excited about that because I have never been this sick in any Winter ever.. this is my fourth round of illness. The Babies are likewise and so I guess we’ve been passing it onto each other.

The Grand Final was the highlight of the season, sadly we lost and yet the team didn’t seem overly upset, I think they knew they’d given their all and that is all we ask of them


Grand Final 2015 027

That’s my Star Son kicking the ball.

He had a really good game and kicked himself a goal and helped assist in another goal, so he had a good day despite not winning. I wrote his this little note on FB so that he could know we support him however the day went:

To my Darling Starson (Will)
Another grand final another chance for a medal, but whatever happens, win, lose or draw, play YOUR game, follow the rules, run your legs off but most of all have fun!
This is your day with your friends and team mates. Whatever happens we will be there cheering you on and as proud as ever. Happy Grand final 2015! Love ya xox

They act all big and tough these “between” boys..they are still “kids” and yet their ages and some of their sizes say they are “teens” and yet they cried when they lost! I purposely stayed away from the club rooms because I would have ended up crying with them, and besides I had a restless Scarlett who wanted to be anywhere but where she was! Star Son won player of the match, one of five, and got himself a $50.00 gift card, he was so pleased with that! It doesn’t take much for him to be pleased with his game but it always helps when the Coaches notice him.

Grand Final 2015 011

Thats my Star Son on the end #4..

Look at the height of some of his team mates, he’s the smallest!

We thought that this is his 5 year in the finals, one they won and the rest they’ve missed out on.. it might dampen his enthusiasm but no! he’s still determined to be an AFL player when he’s older. God Speed to my Star Son!

Ohh.. and did I mention….18 days to go… I’m hoping and praying I’ll get better by then, but if not at least I’ll be able to relax on our trip!!


6 thoughts on “I’m baccckkk!!

  1. There’s always so much going on in your life! Take care of yourself, you have only 18 days to prepare & get better.

    • Carrol, this year has been stupidly busy, we’ve had two weddings, another wedding in October, which I will have to miss because we will be on the other side of Australia, an engagement announcement, another special announcement in November, two 21st Birthdays, the babies will be 2 in Nov and Dec. We’ve had, whooping cough, bronchitis, flu, conjunctivitis and ear infections. Its been like NON STOP on the go, its killing me, the desert is calling me, I may not come back!!

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