14 days to go…

Let the packing begin!

When we travel we travel light we always know that somewhere along the way there will be shops if we need anything.

So here’s what I’m taking for two months on the road!  

Another rule I have is “loose not pinching” we are going to be driving for a lot of hours some days and there’s nothing worse than jeans that pinch or clinging tops that feel like they’re strangling you! So I choose leggings and t-shirts for travel and at least one decent outfit in case we want to dine out. Limited space means limited shoes so I have an all purpose paid of sandals, good for all terrains, beach combing, hard rocky paths I love my sandals!! I also have a pair of thongs for the showers and lazy around camp days when I mostly go barefoot! I’ll also be wearing my hiking boots for those times when you need solid shoes like climbing Pildappa Rock!! So I’m doing two months across Australia with three pairs of shoes!

I have two hats! One light breezy one for hot days, a thicker more solid one for cooler days and in the car we keep foldable cowboy hats for the really hot days! A pair of Sunglasses my bloke paid $500 for them and I’m scared to use them around here with little hands that like to be playing with everything, so I’ll be taking the good ones with me for all that desert/ sea viewing they have really good UV protection. 

Also I have a swim suit (not sure if it’s going to be warm enough to wear it but better safe than sorry!) and I do NOT go anywhere without my sarongs so I’ve been minimal this time and only packed three…. But there’s still time to pack more!!

I’ve packed 5 days worth of outfits which are all mix and match, including two pairs of 3/4’s shorts for the warmer days! I’ve got my outfit for the first day ready to go, jeans, hoodie and hiking boots! They are the bigger items that would take up too much room in my bag. I mean look at the size of that little bag!! 

The bloke has given me a life line and says “Don’t pack your shoes we’ll put those in seperate” phew!!!

The only other thing is two long sleeved shirts which are good for layering or for those in between days where it’s not quite warm enough for no sleeves.

That’s me all packed look at this!!


 We are each going to be carrying a small backpack for cameras, mobile phones, journals etc. This is my two months worth of clothes all packed ready for departure!! The pile under the hat is my “on the day clothes” the sandals and thongs are going in seperately. 

All I need to do now if figure out the “Journal bag and accessories” (scissors, glue stick, sticky tape, white out, paper clips, staples, etc etc) also the reading pile, including my “Bible bag” in that is my bible, my bible study folder and pens, highlighters and crayons. They go in the front seat with me in their own cute little bag! 

 I’ll also be taking this pile of books with me for reading from my “Australian Authors” pile for that challenge. As I read them I’ll leave them in caravan parks along the way for other readers to enjoy!!  
For me the hardest decision by far is what to put into my “Travelling art kit” there are so many options I can’t take it all so I have to be realistic and pick and choose which supplies to take. I’ll be like Scarlett O’Hara and “think about that tomorrow”

Only 14 more days until we leave. Tomorrow the wheels come off he trailer and the wheel bearings are going to be cleaned and greased up. We’ve made a shopping list of basic goods to start us off, it’s all coming together nicely!!


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