Football Season 2015 is officially over!

*huge sigh of relief*

We made it to the Grand Final again, and lost it again, it’s all good at least the boys tried. We’ve had a week to unwind and relax, and all of us saying “Tuesdays and Thirsday nights are just not the same now” because they were training nights and every second week on Tuesdays is my Bible Study night so we kind of cross paths briefly. Tuesday and Thursday nights were what was formally known as “Quick and easy night” or “Slow Cooker night” meals on those nights had to be able to be cooked and cleaned up quickly and easily or cooked in the slow cooker so that we just had to serve it as we came in or before we run out the door. Well now it’s all over we can go back to having whatever we want, because I dont have to leave until about 7:20pm for Bible Study meeting so we can sit down together and eat again.

No more early morning Sunday mornings, in the cold, sometimes up before the birds.

Today was Presentation Day. Someone in the club had made a donation so there were sufficient fund for the boys, the coach, the trainer and the runner to go and have a session of paintball. So we dropped Star Son off at 11:30am and collected him at 1:00pm and then we had to be at the Football ground at 2:30pm for his presentation, we got there early and had some lunch.

My very handsome Star Son.

When he was little maybe 4or 5 years old we went to the RAAF (Royal Australian Airforce) museum at Point Cook, and for some reason he decided he wanted to be in the RAAF and fly planes. Then he found out his Great Grand Father on his Paternal Grand Mother’s side was in the RAAF and so he was even more sure he would be in the RAAF. Then Football came along, and ever since then he’s been switching between the two careers, so today he combined both.. Not really but look at this out fit for Paintballing, he looks like he’s in the RAAF!! I think he’s totally adorable!!

So presentations came and went and despite his great season and great feedback he didnt walk away with a trophy, but he did get a medal for the season to add to the swag of other ones he’s collected. I think we’re all a bit glad its over for another season, we have now about oh… 7 months before the next season starts and we go through it all again!

But also the end of Football season, is also exciting this year because it means yes.. We are another step closer to “Big Lap WA2015” today marks 13 days left.. I’m counting..

Today the Bloke took the wheels off the trailer AKA Tilly.. (In an upcoming post I am going to introduce you to all the “camping family”) and cleaned the bearings and oiled them all up and replaced the wheels so Tilly is good to go. Next weekend we move her from her parking place to the undercover parking place and start loading her! All the battery packs have been charged and are ready to go.. So it’s all coming together nicely. 

Tomorrow I start sorting out Star Son’s clothing, the plan is I’ll pick what I want him to take, he’ll probably take half of it out or switch it around and then we will negotiate and I’ll win, because I am the Mother and I always win!! My clothes are packed, but then on mentally reviewing what I’ve packed I feel like I need to change some things so I’ll rejig it before it gets packed in the trailer. The Bloke knows what he wants to take but hasnt packed yet!

It’s been a busy weekend, yesterday I spent a few hours with my cousin Lee, we went into the Melbourne Show Grounds to the Paperific expo, it was fun, so much art and craft supplies and ideas, we were lucky enough to be able to sit amd do a mini class using a new powdered paint product, that was fun!! I brought myself a few new rubber stamps to use as backgrounds for various mixed media pieces. Then I came home and tried to think about what goodies I should put in my travelling art kit… Talk about headache… I have so many supplies in so many mediums, I am struggling about being minimal and which to take and which to leave. I’m sure whetever I’ll take I’ll regret leaving something behind, but the Bloke is being pretty firm with me about the size of the bag I’m allowed to take. I figure if I can get ine piece of “art” in some form done at each camp spot I’ll be happy, wether it be working on my lettering or sketching or  a mixed medium art journal page. Last night we went to Lee and Craigs for dinner, we had a bbq, which was nice, we havent done that in a while.

Now its bedtime.. Sweet dreams..


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