Meet and Greet the family.

So it’s only now 6 days to go before “BIG LAP WA 2015” and so this weekend being out last one at home, has been all about packing and tidying.

Today the lawns got mowed to within an inch of their life and the edges trimmed.. of course they’ll need to be done again before we get back but we’ll face that hurdle when we get to it.

Yesterday we had to go to a Tupperware party and so we left the Bloke home alone to concentrate on his “packing of Tilly” and here is Tilly.. short for Matilda..maybe you’ve read in previous posts about how my husband like to name inanimate objects. It started with the Cars, I think a lot of people name their cars. Our first car was not named.. the Second one the kids named “Looser Cruiser” it was a 7 seater Toyota Cruiser. We had a big family then. Next we had our first real new car a Volkswagen Jetta, she was named “Jennifer Jetta” and we used to sing that old song “Jennifer Eccles” by The Hollies, and change the words to “I love Jennifer Jetta!

Eventually our camping habit out grew Jennifer Jetta.

Tamara Adelaide Dec 2010

So here is Jennifer Jetta and her top box which fit everything in this camp site into it and our son and us in that small car.

Eventually we had to upgrade to fit more stuff.. and so in 2012 along came “Heidi Highline” She is a Volkswagen Passat “highline” which is where Heidi comes from I wanted to call her “Priscilla Passat” not such luck! We brought a station wagon and got the tow pack because we knew we had to up grade to carry more to go away further and stay away longer. So we ordered the car and the trailer at the same time. The Bloke designed the trailer how he wanted it and had it built. the dimension perfectly fit our tents and larger items. Then the Bloke customized the inside so that we could fit our camping kitchen and the two tents and our chairs and assorted goodies.


This photo shows a compartment which has our lighting, sleeping bag for Star Son, solar panels, “Jimmy Thunderbox” (we didn’t choose Jimmy’s name, the company that made it called it that, perhaps its an Aussie thing to name our stuff) Portable Loo,slab of coke! Shower, and our pillows and bedding will go there too.


In this compartment.. the back door which pulls open, the box object is out camping kitchen and the black bag is our camp table..a place for everything and  every thing in its place.


Another form of “journaling” or “blogging” is we buy a sticker from each place we camp, we date it and stick on the inside of Tilly to protect it from the weather.

In the photo below the grey bag on top of Tilly is going to hold our mattresses, you can see one in there folded up, and that will save more room in the compartments. In front of this bag is some spare space which will hold fire wood and an axe and the shovel goes along the side.

  So here is our girl “Tilly” The reason I chose the name “Tilly” was because it goes with “trailer” and also short for Matilda, and any Aussie knows the song “Waltzing Matilda” growing up in the 70’s it was the one we learnt after “God save the Queen” and long before “Advance Australia Fare” was our national anthem, some day “Waltzing Matilda” is our unofficial National Anthem. Have you heard it? Let me find it for you..

Here is John Williamson singing “Waltzing Matilda”  it gives me chills.. and everyone knows it, so it seemed like a good choice to name our trailer since we were planning to travel all over Australia. Our friend from  our Radio Days “Phil Roberts” has a sign writing business so I asked him to make us a sign for Tilly.. I love it!

  Heidi in all her glory, all ready to hook up Tilly and take us on our next adventure! And here is the Bloke, sorting out and the sleeping mats and getting them ready to pack on top of Tilly in a bag.

This afternoon I finalized packing Star Son’s bag, and laid out some of his travel day clothes, he just needs to organize his “carry on bag” which goes into the back seat with him, with his book, headphones and ipad, he’s also got his colouring book and pencils, his teacher gives them these mindful colouring pages” to get them calm and to help them focus and I asked him “Do you enjoy that?” he said “actually I really do!” so I brought him this book at Big W for $12.00 and his pencil case.


Today we did the shopping for the kitchen food box, and that’s awaiting placement in the back of the car, we also stocked up the first aid kit, The Bloke is pretty thorough about his First aid kit, and last time it came in handy when Star Son stepped out of the car into a sandy patch of ground, and hidden in that sand was a board with a rusty nail, straight into his foot! We patched up Star Son and set up camp and the next day took him to the hospital where his foot was X-rayed and a tetanus shot was given, he made the Dr wait while “Mum take a photo of this for Facebook!” and he laughed while she stuck the huge needle into his arm. I was trying not to faint or flinch! The Dr said that was a first for her, normally kids are wanting her to go away and he was smiling and joking with her. All was good because the Bloke keeps a fully stocked First Aid kit.

All I have left to pack now is my Art Bag, and that is proving harder than I planned, I am pondering which supplies to take and which to leave… not as easy as I thought it would be. *sigh*

Did I mention it’s only 6 days before we are “On the Road again!” our theme song! because as Willie sings “we are a band of gypsy going down life’s highway, we’re the best of friends” 

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