BigLap WA 2015- Day One! Sunbury Victoria to Kingston on Murray South Australia

On the road again! The day started early for me I couldn’t sleep because my head was so stuffy I couldnt breathe so I was awake at 4:30am. Then I realised that the Science teacher had sent through work for Star Son to complete and so we had to print some sheets, so I had to set up the printer at 7:00 am and print pages.

So instead of leaving at 7:00am as planned it was 7:11am and we were off! I had to eat so I could take my “Horse pill” and so we went through the McDonalds drive through and got a McMuffin.

The day started off chilly but improved the further we got away from home, so we noted the rising tempratire and also the fact that we needed the air conditioner on!

After three hours driving we left the roads we knew and took “the roads less travelled” and we understand now why they are less travelled… Some were just horrible, but as we do a trip we follow our progress on the map with a black line and so we shrugged our shoulders and said “Its another black line” actually I think I will change colours for this trip, maybe Blue!!

By the time it was lunch time we had done the “less travelled roads” and come to a familiar place Ouyen, where we had a stretch of our legs, some lunch and a Loo stop as well as a fuel stop, then onto more “Less travelled roads”

One of the “Roads less travelled”lead us through “Murrayville” and look who we found… The Bloke’s Hero.. The Phantom

He had to stop for a photo op and it was on the wall of a PUB no less… his two fave things, Phantom and Beer!



At the Border

These roads finally brought us to the Border between Victoria and South Australia and into desert country. Almost immediately we saw an increase in wild life, in fact we saw 7 Blue tongue lizards, a very wriggly snake crossing the road, a rabbit and the one the most amazed me was in broad day light, like 2:00pm, we saw a fox just casually cross the highway, we were all stunned and amazed. On our last Big Lap in 2013 we had a list of “wild life” we wanted to see, we didnt see them all, like I didn’t see the dingo that Star Son and his new buddy saw, but we sure heard them. I also didn’t see the wild camel or the brumby except the dead one on the side of the road. I didn’t make a list this time but of course I would LOVE to see a dingo in the wild and the brumby and the camel, left overs from last trip and we never saw a snake although we saw plenty of lizards and Star Son had a very close encounter with a wild goanna and a wild emu! it was so funny I was filming at the time! This time we are adding Whales to our list of “to see” we kind of play spotto, and when I saw the snake I yelled so loud Star Son heard through his headphones and was so dispointed he missed it. And of course who could forget our most faqvourite wild life. The Wedgetailed Eagle. We saw a family unit just cruisng over the road low enough to see their pretty under wing pattern.


Wildflowers on the side of the road.

The Bloke estimated that we would arrived at 3:00pm and he was spot on, despite more than planned Loo stops (I tried to swallow my probiotic and it got stuck which is kind of ironic since the horse pill antibiotic goes down so nicely, I ended up drinking half a liter bottle of water to wash it down, needless to say I needed more Loo stops) we arrived here at 2:56pm and were checked in and looking at our site by 3:10pm. We opted for the no power wered sight so we could be water front and it’s so worth it, I am just loving the silence and the darkness there is only one other couple here.


Kingston on Murray

IMG_2723 IMG_2722

Our Bedroom in Tamara and Star Son’s bedroom in Tyler

Once we were partly set up, something we have NEVER done before we went to find the shops, we needed bread and also the Star Son wanted to get some bait to go fishing, at least while he was occupied fishing we were able to finish setting up camp, but I must confess it was not our usual set up and I dont think I’d do it that way again. He thought he had a snag and pulled in his rod to find as he said rather shocked “I’ve caught a rock!,” when we clamoured to see the rock he caught The Bloke realised it was a HUGE fresh water mussel.

IMG_2724 IMG_2725

Star Son caught a “rock” a huge Fresh Water Mussel.

Needless to say Star son was less than impressed. Another couple were fishing near us and they had caught a legal sized Yellow belly (leagal size in these parts is 33cms) other wise you have to throw them back in, so we asked if we could look at it so that we would know if we ever caught one, since all we have ever caught are carp And they are considered pests and have to be killed and not retured to the water, so we feed them to the Pelicans! Anyways as the other couple were packing up to return to their camp they gave Star Son their Yellow belly, which The Bloke has since butchered and will cook tomorrow. Yuck! Think I’m turning vegan!

So now it’s 8:25 pm, I’ve taken my meds and washed the dinner dishes and I am seriously thinking early night, today was beautiful and at 6:00pm it was still 29C and is currently a balmy 21c, I think I could get used to that!

Tomorrow we have a shopping expediation to Barmera because they have a supermarket and we need dish detergent and a new can opener, then it’ll be more fishing and Star Son thinks he’ll go in the pool I think I’ll watch him! Plus we have a date with the fishing couple his name was Ken, he follows our football team The Mighty Tigers and so we are meeting at the camp kitchen to watch the elimination final. What this really means is a lazy relaxing do nothing kind of day in the sun.

That my friends is Day one… Stay tuned for more adventures..

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