Big Lap WA 2015- Days Two and Three… Kingston on Murray..

so.. We are experiencing some technical diffculties in our camp.

Yesterday it was really hot and we noticed the fridge wasnt working to its best ability. So The Bloke decided to check the solar panel and there began a mini nightmare. Way back in November last year while we were camping in Wentworth, the wind blew the solar panel over and some of the leads came out. He thought he had fixed it but yesterday the leads came out and the solar panel was not charging and the fridge was loosing power. So we came to the camp kitchen and while we were watching the football we charged up everything we could including the battery for the fridge to save using the solar panel. The Bloke googled the nearest Auto electrician to get it fixed..

Then we decided that we could put the photos from the Big Camera onto the Lap top and edit them and then I could do a blog post and add the photos. There became drama number two! Because I am only still learning to use the Big Camera I had accidentally changed the setting button while attempting to take a self timer photo so all the rest of that days photos were Shit to put it mildly! I deleted about 3/4’s of them. Some I can recreate others I wont bother.

day 2 and 3 Kingston on Murray 015 day 2 and 3 Kingston on Murray 016

Here are two of the “re-created” photos.. Star son in a hollow tree.

Then I decided to use the portable internet access and write a blog and add the photos.. Apparently the internet access doesnt recognise the sim card… arghhh! I gave up and went to bed.. Two dramas in one day is two too many. I slept from 9:40pm until some unearthly hour, I turned on the light it was 12:30 am. I know where that saying “deathly silence” comes from because it was pitch blank and not a sound to be heard I thought my ear had taken a turn for the worst and I had gone deaf… Until the Bloke snored! As a girl from the city, I am not used to such complete blackness, I literally could not see my hand in front of my face.

Then I could not go back to sleep, I kept sneaking peeks at the clock, 1:30am, 2:40am, 3:30am. Must have dozed off because then a kookaburra work me up and it was 5:30am sunrise was at 6:10am and so at 5:45am I gave up trying to pretend to sleep and got up and dressed and out into the great unknown.

So I witnessed my first sunrise for 2015 and got photos of it on the right setting this time!




Here are the “Sunrise Photos”

Time to head into the next town called Barmera and sort out this solar panel.. We visited 5 stores and then revisited three of them more than once. We visited the information centre and brought postcards and a magnet for the collection and the charity store where we brought books for 25 cents each bargain in anyones language and then the local supermarket again, they think we are locals there now.

Back at “Camp Kingston on Murray” The Bloke decided to work on the Solar Panel and I am hoping and praying for him to fix it because all hell would break loose other wise. It only cost $20 for the replacement parts but only if his idea worked. That is where the third drama takes place… As he was stripping the metal piece off the end of the wire, he slipped and sliced open his thumb and all I hear is… “Oops, Hun can you get me the first aid kit” and then Star Son saying “Dad needs stitches” I followed his nursing directions to the letter and bandaged him up and disinfected him and he worked on and fixed the solar panel!

So tomorrow we move onto the next stop, and on the way we will find a Telstra dealer and work out the internet sticky thing and hopefully be able to use my lap top and add all the photos I am missing out on sharing!

In the meantime, we are experiencing some high winds, we fondly call South Australia the “Evil Cyclonic State” it doesn’t matter which part of South Australia we go to we always without fail have the ECW.

Here is Star Son playing ping pong!

To avoid the ECW and to keep cool we went for a drive in the air-conditioned car! to a nearby winery called “Banrock Station” I am still on antibiotics so I didn’t test any of the wines, besides the antibiotics I have no sense of smell or taste so what a waste of wine! But the views were lovely and the staff so friendly.

I will Check back in again as soon as I can!


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