Big Lap WA 2015-Day 4- On the road again to Kimba!

Well lookee here! I am on the lap top the new one.. in a motel room in a small town called Kimba in outback South Australia. The best bit is… The Bloke fixed the internet! So I am able to finally share the good photos. Today on the way here  we stopped at a little town called Morgan to get some fuel and found this pretty little church!


Morgan South Australia

Our next stop for the day was “Burra

IMG_2787 IMG_2784 IMG_2788 IMG_2789

These Yellow fields are Canola and they are so vividly bright, my cousin and I say they are “Happiness for our eyes” and the Green field was coming into Burra which was so emerald-green I think God was an artist!

We stopped at Port Augusta town in South Australia on the Spencer Gulf.. we found a shop and took the Lap Top into the lady and asked some questions, she refused to touch it unless we paid her $35.00per hour.. which of course we refused… so at that point I ranted about how the lap top was a “waste of space” and we didn’t need to bring it if we couldn’t use it blah blah…


Look at this most amazing wisteria, it was covering the WHOLE pub and then climbed up the light pole and then tree next to it as well.. amazing! I am having Wisteria envy!!


I squealed when I saw this… real desert! I would be happy to set up camp and just stay here!

So The Bloke said “When we get to Kimba I will check it all out and make phone calls if I need to, and get it working” -and true to his word he has made it work! yay!

So yesterday we had a rain storm in Kingston on Murray.. we checked the weather website and knew it was coming so we began packing up parts of camp we could do with out to save packing away too much wet stuff this morning. We packed up Star Son’s tent and the kitchen and the table and chairs, leaving all the bedding in our Tamara tent and a few lights.. and then we retreated to that camp kitchen!

Today when I did my review on Trip Advisor I made mention of the awesome kitchen and how much time we spent there.

IMG_2771This is one of the panorama photos that my darling Star Son taught me to take of the storm last night. Note just one tent left up.


Selfie with the thunderstorm behind us.

So this morning we had an easy pack up, one tent, three lots of bedding and we were gone by 8.30am on our way to tonight’s stay “Kimba” in South Australia. My Mum came here many years ago and sent me a postcard, which I have always kept, because when I was little my nickname was “Kimba” after the cartoon show on Television called “Kimba the little white lion” So I wanted to come here and see it for myself. NOW I have and I love it.


I am a bit of a “fanatic” about signs and so this one was always going to feature!


My Son makes a wonderful model!

We got here just after three pm which gave us plenty of time to find the main things we like…

  • Post office (stamps postcards and stickers) I got postcards
  • Supermarket (to stock up on snacks for a teenage never-ending eating machine)
  • The Pub (beer and food. And today accommodation as well)
  • Important sights around town.

IMG_2799 IMG_2807

The Giant Galah is the most important sight in this town, standing over 8 meters tall, we own a galah so this was a ”no brainer”

I even brought a postcard of him and a kitchen towel! But he’s not as cute as our “Charlie Feathers

“Then we drove out-of-town to “White’s Knob” to see the sculptures made with recycled metals. I loved them!

Tonight we are staying in the “Kimba Gateway Hotel” and as per reviews on Travel Advisor it’s “basic” but hey, it has a door three beds, a shower, toilet, fridge, power and a kettle to make coffee and it comes with a continental breakfast tomorrow morning.. best thing is… power to do my blog!! So I am a happy camper.

We went next door to the pub for dinner.. and I had a Chicken schnitzel and salad with chips. The Bloke had a steak sandwich and Star Son had chicken nuggets with chips and salad. So also no cooking or dinner dishes! The staff is friendly, the restaurant was clean and great food served quickly and stacks of it.. and the price was GOOD!!! we are in the middle of the desert!!

Guess what? it’s time for a nice hot shower! Oh Bliss…

Next stop is… Pildappa Rock.. chances are there will be no internet reception, so I might be two days away from my next post.. but if I can (now that I have technology) I will!

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