Big Lap WA 2015- Day 10- Madura Pass to Kalgoorlie…

Ok so that was unexpected. When I made the Itinerary I had planned to spend tonight at a Sheep Ranch, called Fraser Station, but I have been so annoyed with the lack of internet. yeah yeah I know I am a spoilt Princess.. I loved the desert but I missed my blogging access. So we decided that since we got an early start, 7.30am we would just keep driving. We thought we might stay at Norseman, and by the time we got there it was only 12.30pm so we stopped had some lunch and a walk around, did a few groceries and kept on driving and before you know it.. here we are in Kalgoorlie.

The time changed again… and if you read the previous post you would know what I mean when I say I am so confused about the time changing stuff… now at least we are all on the same time frame.. we are two hours ahead of Home.. which is good to know.. but next week when day light savings starts we will be three hours ahead.. it makes it hard to work out when to facetime the Grand babies.

So we skipped Fraser Range Sheep Station and Norseman was small and here we are at a Discovery caravan park in Kalgoorlie. We got here at about 3.00pm and got camp set up, we’ve booked in for two nights but there’s plenty to see and do here so we might even stay longer and the best bit is… yes! there is internet access!

We stopped at the Belladonia road house and discovered they have different flavoured milks in WA, so we have vowed to try them all, so far I’ve had Mint chocolate and Star Son has tried double expresso..

We did a quick drive around and went to Kmart, got McDonalds for the Star Son and KFC for us for dinner and then spent the night relaxing, stay tuned for tomorrows adventures!!

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