Big Lap WA 2015- Day 6, 7 and 8… Fowlers Bay South Australia.

When we left Pildappa Rock we headed for Fowlers Bay, so a fairly short drive in the planning stages. We stopped at a town called Ceduna along the way to fill up with fuel and to use the Loo and stretch our legs. Star Son has been most awesome with the long drives and so we try to get him out and walking whenever we can. Plus we needed to go to the supermarket and get some more snacks and things, a boy is only as good as the snacks he has in the back seat. And also we needed to replace his down ball because we lost it at Pildappa Rock playing a fun game where we had to try to throw or kick the ball to the top of the rock and when it rolled down we had to try to catch it before it hit the ground. Amazing that you give a boy a ball and he will keep us all amused. So we stocked up in Ceduna we brought 5 down balls in different colours and lets see what other games we can come up with. Lunch at Ceduna before we kept driving to Fowlers Bay, we didn’t end up getting fuel in Ceduna, so we stopped at the next stop which was Penong.

As soon as we got there we booked in to do the Whale cruise. because I had heard the whales were leaving the area and we didn’t want to miss out. So we were booked in for the following afternoon. There was a school group coming in and we would go out on the boat with them, supposedly at 1.30pm… then they were late so it was put back to 2.00pm… and then they were later so it was a “wait and see ” kind of deal, finally at 3.00pm Rod called the trip off for the day and we had to decide whether to get our money back or go out the next morning and then move on. In the end The Bloke decided we had come 1.800 kilometres to see whales so we re booked for the following day and also added another nights stay so we didn’t have to rush around and pack up camp before the tour and move on after the tour. It was a good move because the tour ended up going for longer and we didn’t get back to camp until after 1.00pm. Sadly despite my best prayer efforts we did not see any whales but we had a great time on the tour, learning all about the research that is happening and different facts about whales. Simone had a piece of Baleen which is like a curtain in the whale’s mouth and it comes down and filters the water to catch the plankton in the water for them to eat. Its made of Keratin which is what our fingernails are made of. We also got to hold something I never imagined I would hold, or talk about.. but here goes.. I held some Sperm Whale vomit.. it has a technical term..

Ambergris (/ˈæmbərɡrs/ or /ˈæmbərɡrɪs/, Latin: Ambra grisea, Ambre gris, ambergrease or grey amber) is a solid, waxy, flammable substance of a dull grey or blackish colour produced in the digestive system of sperm whales.[1]

Freshly produced ambergris has a marine, faecal odour. However, as it ages, it acquires a sweet, earthy scent commonly likened to the fragrance of rubbing alcohol without the vaporous chemical astringency.[2] Although ambergris was formerly highly valued by perfumers as a fixative (allowing the scent to last much longer), it has now largely been replaced by synthetics

Simone was telling us that on the black market a piece that size could sell from 10,00 to 20,000 dollars!! Highly illegal of course. I enjoyed the cruise despite not seeing any whales.. we did see seal and a dolphin and so that as good enough for me. We have another chance to see whales in Albany. Fowlers Bay consists of the caravan Park and a shop and nothing else, so we spent time reading and walking along the beach and doing not too much else.. no internet connection either.

We packed up camp on the Saturday afternoon and put Will into our tent for the night, so as to save time the next morning while we were packing up. As it turned out we were all packed and out of camp by 9.00am and onwards to the Western Australia Border.

HOB 039 HOB 044 HOB 046 HOB 053

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