Big Lap WA day 5… Pildappa Rock!

Woke up to a beautiful morning but very cold, it was all good because we ate breakfast and packed up to leave anyways. As we drove out the gate the car told us it was 12.5C brrr…

Our Stay at Pildappa Rock was cold… the wind did not store roaring and we had rain which forced us to find shelter in the car and yet, having said that we are so glad we came and saw the “rock”

011 - Copy

My Bloke took this photo of me soaking in the rock serenity.

At one stage as we were up on the rock exploring some people camp by and complained rather loudly about where we had set up camp ruining their photos, I was surprised that the Bloke didn’t say anything but there was plenty of rock and I hope she wandered away and found herself a different angle photo.. as for our camp “ruining” Pildappa rock.. no way! We enhanced it! We were exhausted from all the rock climbing and ended up in bed by 8.30pm and slept all night in the pitch blackness and the total silence. When we went to Uluru in 2013 I wouldn’t climb it because I knew how the Indigenous people felt their rock was sacred. I did not feel that with this rock and so I enjoyed the climbing all over it we did, as much as we could get to safely we did, imagine this rock is millions of years old and we climbed it… makes one feel pretty small in the scheme of things.

From Pildappa Rock we headed on to Fowlers Bay and some whales.

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