BigLap WA 2015- Day 9- Madura Pass

Today we were out of camp by 8.50am on the road again, heading for the border. We had been warned by a few different people about crossing the border with fruit and veg and nuts etc. So we made up lunch before we went and threw away the extras and I ate the apples as we drove. By 10.25 am we had hit 2,000 kilometres of travel on the speedo and  we were 30 kilometres from the Nullarbor Plain, (Nullabor means Null- No or nill and Arbor- Trees.. so Nullarbor =Tree less plains.) it was a cold grey over cast day and the temps were sitting at 15 C brrr.. I needed a sweater.

We stopped at the Head of the Bight.. and paid to go in and see if there were any whales.. some people coming out told us “hurry there are some there” we seriously could not get in that door fast enough.. it was $35.00 for a family ticket and we had heard some people talking in Fowlers Bay saying “We refuse to pay that to go to a beach and see a whale” and part of me kind of understands it but the whole part of this leg of the trip was “to see a whale” and so we paid and we were NOT disappointed to see the Mother southern right whale and he baby slapping their fins and singing to us in the shallow waters below.

Even the entrance was impressive

IMG_2991 IMG_2996

Mumma Southern Right whale and her baby playing in the waters of the Bight.


As we were walking in I told Star Son to call to the whales in his mind and see if they would show themselves, he of course insists his “whale calling was what brought them”


Eventually we left the Whales and the cliffs and continued on.. we had no definite plans but a fellow traveller told us about a little place in WA called Madura Pass, At 1.55 pm we crossed the border and they sure were thorough but we had disposed of anything “illegal” anyways so it didn’t matter. We kept on driving, stopped at Eucla for fuel and to stretch our legs and then decided to keep going to Madura Pass for the night… boy what a shock to the system!

My phone had changed time automatically when we crossed the border, so it said one time. my watch said another time and then when we got to the accommodation their clock said a different time. Apparently they were on  Central Western time which meant they were 45 minutes ahead of Adelaide but 45 minutes behind Perth.. I was totally confuzzled and if that wasn’t bad enough their clock stuffed me right up.. it was totally backwards.. the numbers were in the wrong place and it ticked backwards.. really I felt like I was on some other planet! My daughter asked if I wanted to speak to my Grandson so I was asking her “What time is it there?” I was so lost! The Madura Oasis Hotel was a hole.. in the middle of no where. It was clean and it had hot water and a nice bed but it was expensive and I think if we had any other choice we would have kept going, but we had driven a LONG day and we were all stuffed. Rob was not feeling well after having now got my cold and so we stayed. The women there was so rude. We had dinner in the café area, because no cooking in the rooms, and anyways who wanted to cook after that ,long day. The food was the ONLY good thing. It was hot there was heaps of it but like the room it was pricey! I was glad to have a hot shower and an early night and even more glad to pack up and leave this morning. We were out of there by 7.30am… and on the road again this time headed for … well… who knew… supposedly Fraser Station range… then we thought we’d go to Norseman and once there we decided to keep on going to…..Kalgoorlie..

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