BigLap WA 2015- Days 11 and 12- Kalgoorlie Western Australia

Days 11 and 12 brings us to Kalgoorlie. A mining town in the middle of the desert.

Our first stop was to look for a super market and fill up supplies. We had let our supplies run low and so we needed to stock up. It was good to look at shops and we found a Kmart. So once our stores were stocked up, we could breathe a little easier.

Setting up camp between the Absolution block and the camp kitchen so we didn’t need a powered site and we are staying at Discovery at Boulder. If you happen to be passing through I recommend this park!

Camp Kalgoorlie

Camp Kalgoorlie

After we had set up camp we decided to have take aways, so Will had McDonalds and we had KFC quick and easy to prepare, We have internet so I was able to catch up with my blog and get everything up to date,

Day 11– we did all the look outs and sorted through all the numerous fliers and maps and bits and pieces that I had collected along the way, which I put into my written journal and scrap-book that kind of stuff. We also booked into do the “Super Pit” mine tour. And we went to the Hammond Park, which is like a park with a play ground but it also has some aviaries with various parrots and birds. We also saw some kangaroo and emu in a paddock. I also got some letters written.


kims phone 1315

22 Carat gold plated dome

kims phone 1316

Camping treats

kims phone 1317

Gourmet Meals in camp!

Day 12– We spent the morning doing “house keeping” so we did the washing, nice clean clothes and sorted out the kitchen and the car and little bits and pieces. I managed to get the rest of my penfriend letters written and I feel much better that they are all up to date.

We have been doing a lot of “touristy stuff” and seeing all we could. Today we visited the museum and learned some more history.

kims phone 1286

Clock on display in the Museum

kims phone 1285

Chandelier on display and beautiful wood panelling.


kims phone 1284

The skinniest building in the Southern Hemisphere, 3.2 meters wide.

kims phone 1277

The Vault under the Museum holds $4 million dollars of gold.

kims phone 1278

Mulga Bill’s Bicycle

kims phone 1279

The Star Son with the “first computer” LOL

kims phone 1280

An old phone

kims phone 1283

Beautiful flowers for my Scarlett

kims phone 1276

Star Son with a huge Gold replica

kims phone 1275

Selfies at the top of the Museum

kims phone 1273

Engineering Monument

kims phone 1272

Museum of Western Australia in Boulder

\ kims phone 1271

Star Son at the gates

kims phone 1269

Added some more stickers to our trailer.

Tomorrow we pack up and head to a small town about 3 hours drive to Merriden in WA almost half way between Kalgoorlie and Perth.. we have booked in for at least one night maybe two.

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