Big Lap WA 2015- Day 13- Merriden

Merriden… a small town in the middle of no where roughly half way between Kalgoorlie and Perth.

I was sorry to leave Kalgoorlie and I’ve added that to my list of possible “when I run away” places. Trouble is I keep telling people If I ever run away you can look for me…. here or here… previously it was always Mission Beach, a warm tropical hideaway about an hour from Cairns in Queensland… now I am adding some desert flavour with Kalgoorlie.. My cousin said to me a few days ago “I don’t get why you like the desert” which got me thinking… why do I like the desert? is it the barren ness, the blood-red earth, the silly stunted little trees  that defy nature and grow out of rocks and that blood-red soil.. I don’t know why I love it I just do.. I think it’s the introvert in me that says “Please leave me here in all this nothing ness and let me be.” I don’t know BUT I love the desert.. the nights are crisp and the stars are so vast, so many and so crystal clear I could just sit here all night and watch them.

We could have theoretically have driven all the way to Perth, we asked the girl working at the caravan park if there was a spot that people aimed for between Kal (see! that’s what the locals call it) and Perth.. she said “Weeeelll.. when I go to Perth I just wanna shop so I drive all the way through it’s only 6 hours” We could have done that but then the previous days before have all been long driving hours so we decided to break it in two.. I kind of wish we kept going now..

We got there quite early and since there’s not much of a town although it was bigger than some we’d been to, we decided to do just a basic camp set up, we were right by the camp kitchen which was fully equipped with a stove, oven, two BBQ’s, microwave, toaster and kettle… we didn’t even unpack our kitchen, we didn’t set up Will’s tent, instead we all slept in one tent so that pack up this morning would be much easier.

kims phone 005

Nearly there..

Then we went for a wander down to the shops to look around. We have noticed that the desert and all its dust/sand dried out your hands and face and lets not forget the hair..lucky mine is nothing special but it’s even less so in the desert.. I wear a hat to keep it hidden! So we went to buy some hand cream you know things are bad when the Bloke asks for some cream for his cuticles!! We are spoilt we prefer Avon’s Hand and Nail cream in the pink jar.. it’s almost gone so we settled for some Sorbelene Cream, and Star Son’s eczema is also flaring up maybe the different water or the heat which normally is a good thing for him, so I don’t know exactly why but he’s scaley we brought his some Dermeeze to sooth him. And we re newed our bottle of Bettadine when we realised that the one we have been using on the Bloke’s sliced open thumb expired in June 2013… OOPS!! So while we were there we told the sales lady Dianne.. that we are passing through her town and only here for one night.. what did she recommend for dinner… and without missing a beat she said “Well we have the BEST Chinese in ALL of Australia” ooh a challenge! Sadly the Kid wasn’t too keen on the idea and I was too hot and bothered to argue, I am falling into the trap of say- nothing -to- avoid- the- arguments habit. So I didn’t get to put her claim to fame to the test but I think we have to go back that way and so then I may have to put down my foot… instead we finally weakened and tried the “Chicken Treat” that is everywhere… it’s the WA version of our Red Rooster.. but gee it was good! Or maybe I was just so tired I didn’t care anymore.

kims phone 007

He’s crazy he’ll swim anywhere

We had a nice relaxing shower.. the amenities block was as good as the camp kitchen and even the Pool was awesome but I am a bit of a sook in the cold water so I haven’t been into a pool yet I dip a toe and then read my book. It was agreat little van park for a one night stop.. except…. the train track was right near our tent and it was obviously bringing iron ore from Kalgoorlie and it ran most of the night.. so just as we settled in to go to sleep… and just where you are in that place where you might be deeply asleep… the bloody train sounded its siren and I almost hit the tent roof!! So I snatched up my watch in the dark to see what god forsaken time it was… Oh shoot… it was only 9.30pm….. that’s our life lately.. early to bed and even earlier to rise..

kims phone 006

Camp Merriden… light version

This morning I was awake at 5.15 am.. I couldn’t even believe that how very dare those blood Grey Nomads.. what WERE they doing awake at that hour? and then the birds started.. Ok like I told the boys, you can’t blame the birds for waking up and announcing to the rest of us that “Hey look it’s daylight the sky is lightning, WAKE UP” the birds have been doing that since creation… but the bloody Grey Nomads.. they need to learn to sleep in!!!

As soon as it was light enough I read my book, no point trying to get back to sleep then. Needless to say we packed up camp and got out of there by 8.35am… a small world record for us.. but then we only did a minor camp set up.

Also time to get to Perth.

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