Big Lap WA 2015- Day 14 (Already) Hazelmere… (out skirts of Perth)

Yesterday while we were wasting time in Merriden. We discussed where to go in Perth and start thinking about booking in somewhere.. previously we rock up into a town and hope there’s some place to stay, but the Bloke suggested we research and book… and his spiderman senses but have come into play because… this weekend is a Public Holiday in Perth (Queen’s Birthday) really? why? we celebrated that back in June and her real birthday is in April…how many does the old bird need?!

Plus lets us not forget… Western Australia has BOTH of its football teams playing finals in PERTH this weekend.. really??? We thought we escaped the Grand final by going across the country.. but no… the Grand final came with us… meaning that the first four places we called to try to book accommodation was FULLY BOOKED OUT!! No way!! So we thought about revising our travel plans and heading down the coast to Hyden and Esperance and going to Perth the back way which means we wouldn’t have gotten to Perth for another two weeks. And sadly Star Son and I were so looking forward to some reliable internet access, so we were disappointed. So he said “well I try one more place” and that one more place had one site left and it was un powered but we could have it if we wanted to. It sounded nice, on 17 hectares, a pool, camp kitchen blah blah blah.. so we booked it.

So this morning we left Merriden at 8.30am and started driving. It really was a nice easy run, we passed through a “blink town” which is a town which is so small that if you blink you might miss it… so when we got to “Hines Hill” we almost missed it… the Bloke actually reversed so I could stop and take photos. that too was the last of “the desert” the landscape changed and became more green and more fields of crops, and more houses.

kims phone 009

We have our own “blink town”

We stopped at Northam for a loo break and to stretch our legs and we were here by 11.30 am.. here.. is Banksia Tourist Village in Hazelmere.. it’s about 38  minutes to Perth. I don’t actually mind that because we only planned to do a few day trips anyways, Perth is a city and we never planned to camp there. We will do some day trips there.. look at the buildings and the shops, remember I am still looking for a Mother of the Bride outfit to take home with me, plus we might o to the Zoo we seem to do that when we are in “cities” and then of course there is Rottnest Island, which I would like to do but seeing the prices I might actually opt out of that. Perth has never been one of my “Oh I cant wait to get there” destinations, but the Boys have never been here so it’s exciting for them. One day we might come back and do the things we don’t do this trip…maybe we’ll fly!

We found the local supermarket to fill up the supplies… I am going to start cutting back on the treats, like coffee, coke and chilly Philly cheese dip…I am going to be Mother of the Bride when I get home…

Tomorrow we venture forth into Perth.. the boys have spent this evening in the “rec room” watching the football.. thankfully I begged off.. “I have to catch up on my blog” and now I have… but they asked some of the people what to see and do so they have some ideas. I don’t even care frankly.. I’m kinda over it..

kims phone 010

Camp Hazelmere in Western Australia

kims phone 011Come across the other side of the country and found my favourite wine in a different format… yum!

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