BigLap WA 2015- Day 15- Perth WA

So this morning was an early start NOT because I wanted an early start but the traffic was pretty awful. I was hoping that being this far away from Perth the traffic wouldn’t bother us but it sure did as early as 5.15am. I don’t blame the birds but they sure didn’t help, I must have fallen asleep again but it was about 7.45am I was awake. I started a new book last night so that had my attention. Finally I decided that enough was enough get up, dressed and get moving. I had words with the boys last night about some remarks they made and then I gave them the silent treatment, so I had no say in what we did today, I decided to let them decide what to do and just go with it.

So they decided to go to Perth and the Bloke wanted to walk around and look at the buildings, Star Son didn’t want to and I had no comment. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like Perth. The roads were all over the place and not sign posted well, we got lost several times and more harsh words were spoken, in the end we said “let’s just get OUT OF HERE!” and so off we went to Kings Park. I remember when I came to Perth in 1980 we went to Kings Park to look at the views. So we decided to go there.. but I didn’t do my research too well because there was a “Spring festival” on and so it was packed.. no car parks and I needed to go to the Loo, even though I only opted for one cup of coffee this morning. So the Boys dropped me off to the Loo and drove around waiting for my return.

Perth-Zoo and Kingspark 066

View from the look out platform at Kings Park

We gave up on King’s Park and decided to move on… next port of call was The Zoo. Yes people say if you’ve seen one Zoo you’ve seen them all” BUT we have a tradition and so we see a Zoo in the town we are in if there is one to see. So we were not missing Perth Zoo. We got there at about 10.30am and as we were parking a man pulled up and said Ï have paid for this ticket until 12 midday, and I don’t need it would you take it please?” so sweet we had the first 1 1/2 hours parking for free.

Perth-Zoo and Kingspark 011

Star Son and I as a cheetah and a Giraffe

We had a great time wending our way through the different areas of the Zoo… the Australian area, the African Savannah, the Asian rainforest and all the various side areas. We had lunch in the “Wild bites” café and then made our way to the last bit of the Zoo which ended with the Elephants. They had a keeper talk scheduled for 1.45pm and we had a parking ticket till 2.10pm so we just made it. I loved the Elephant talk with the three keepers, they explained that in the wild the Elephants would walk many kilometres a day to find enough food and water for the herd and since they don’t have to do that in the Zoo, the keepers try and keep them entertained and busy, so each day they are taken for walks through the zoo to interact with the visitors and the keepers teach them tricks and games like soccer and football and they draw with chalk on giant blackboards and play musical instruments, the xylophone, the harmonica, bells, rattles, and a wooden drum. So the keepers demonstrated how they do these things for rewards small treats. The eldest elephant was Trisha and he pointed out that when Trisha is interested in something and concentrating an her work, she makes little rumbles and vocalises her pleasure, then at the end she holds up the blackboard with her “art work” on it and takes a bow.. it was so cute to see.

We also spent a fair bit of time enjoying the meerkats, they are such funny little creatures. There wasn’t anything new to see at this Zoo that we haven’t seen before but it was still something that we ticked off our “to do list”

Trisha is 58 years old, she’s been at Perth Zoo since 1965, she played the harmonica and the Xylophone.

Perth-Zoo and Kingspark 060

Perth-Zoo and Kingspark 052

Close up of Trisha… The Bloke has a soft spot for this gentle giant.

The weather was beautiful not too hot and perfect for short sleeves. I definitely got my 10,000 steps up today and walked back to the car with a big headache. The Boys went and booked us in for another night, and tomorrow we are off to explore “Fremantle and surrounds” so Scarborough Beach, Cottleslow Beach and the AQWA (Aquarium of Western Australia) which is Star Son’s choice. Then we might even stay one more day and spend that day at Rottnest Island… but we’re thinking about that.


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