Big Lap WA 2015- Day 16- Fremantle and surrounds

We are still camped at Hazelmere and last night we had the most amazing wind storm, we were up at 12.10 am taking the awning down in case it ripped the tent apart, it had come loose and the whole tent was hula dancing. So in the dark of night we fought the winds and took the awning down and folded it and got back into bed, sleep didn’t come easy the wind was howling.

This morning things from our kitchen had been blown away, the camp chairs were blown over and we heard a quiet Star Son yelling.. The Bloke says “What is he saying?” I replied “ It sounds like he is calling for help” So the Bloke gets up and sticks his head out the door and says “Öh Shit!!” and starts struggling into his clothes. The wind had been so wicked it had blown Will’s tent down with his trapped inside! I laugh because he wasn’t hurt or anything he was just shocked that’s HIS tent Tyler had fallen in on him. So by 9.00am we had packed away his tent and the awning and put the fridge into our tent for the day, it makes our pack up in the morning easier.

In the morning we are heading South, towards Margaret River and the wilderness… we’ve had enough “city” with traffic and wicked winds.

Today’s day trippin’ was down the coast to Fremantle, because I wanted to go to the Markets, and then I ended up seeing the wrong markets, dúh! I meant to go to “Ë Shed Markets” and instead ended up at “Fremantle Markets” never mind, I didn’t dare ask them boys to stop for another market!! After the market we drove North along the coast back up towards Perth, and stopped at Cottesloe Beach.
Perth and Fremantle 120

Panorama of Cottlesloe Beach

Perth and Fremantle 121

The Blokes with the Sign… I like signs!!


Perth and Fremantle 122

Me dipping my feet into the Indian Ocean ( at Fowlers Bay we dipped our feet into the Southern Ocean)

Perth and Fremantle 129

Selfies at Cottlesloe Beach

Perth and Fremantle 132Heidi at Cottlesloe Beach… we clicked over 4,000 kilometres today!

After Cottlesloe we kept driving and went to Scarborough, we had planned to stop but everyone else had the same plan and there was no parking to be had so we just kept on going, which lead us to our next stop….

On the way…

Perth and Fremantle 131 I love this Sandstone they use A LOT, this building was at Cottlesloe foreshore.

Perth and Fremantle 133

Panorama of Floreat Beach on the way to Hillary’s landing

Perth and Fremantle 134

Perth and Fremantle 136

Some of the lovely scenery

Perth and Fremantle 137

Some of the amazing houses, the views would be beautiful, and I could imagine me on the balcony doing my art!

Perth and Fremantle 138

More surf beaches.

The Bloke thinks that if he “had” to live in Western Australia this close to Perth, he’d live here… I think I’ll stick to Mission Beach in QLD.

Finally we got to Hillary’s Landing… I don’t know who Hillary is but I like where she’s landed, it was a lovely harbour and home of the AQWA.. (Aquarium of Western Australia) Did I mention in his younger days my Bloke used to be a Scuba Dive instructor and he loves anything marine.. so we do Aquariums as often as we can, then he can show me the corals and the fishes that he talks about all the time. At this aquarium we were able to touch things and look closely at the different corals, both hard and soft, the colours of some of them were amazing and he tells me ” ÿes they really ARE that colour under the seä” So we spent a lazy two hours wandering through AQWA and learning about the different anemones and corals and shark and stingray and a gazillion other hurty things that want to do you serious damage.

We had lunch at Hillary’s landing and looked at the shops, I am still on the look out for a Mother of the Bride dress…still looking..

So back at camp it’s pack up time.. we did some laundry and some food shopping and tomorrow we go South, I thought Margaret River but someone else suggested some where else and so we are off to a National Park, dead silence and pitch blackness YES YES YES!! It also means no Internet but it’s only for three or four days, I’m sure you’ll all survive!!

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