Big Lap WA 2015- Day 19- Camp Colemine Beach- Walpole

Today we said “Goodbye”  to Camp Whistler and headed for our next stop, going further down South. Talking to another camper last night he said “Ooh that’s Wild country down there” and I was excited!

Last Night before we left the Bloke decided to try his hand at making damper over the camp fire. We’ve had damper before and it was terrible stuff, so the Bloke experimented with the recipe and added a few things one of the secret ingredients was “beer” of course what else? and since Star Son doesn’t like sultanas and mixed fruit, the bloke added chocolate chips and let me tell you… Y-U-M-M-Y! but there was so much we decided to share it with the neighbours and they loved it too..

It wasn’t a very long drive today only about 3 1/2 hours so since we had left camp by 9.00am we decided to go slightly out-of-the-way about 20 minutes each way to another place called “Augusta”

History ( taken from Augusta)

Originally explored by the Dutch in 1622, it was, however, Matthew Flinders who named the south-western tip of the coastline “Cape Leeuwin” on 6 December 1801. The first European ‘settlers’ in the area were the whalers and sealers who sought protection from the storms of the southern ocean. Reports of the land were good, so, on March 12, 1830, Augusta was founded by James Stirling accompanied by settlers from the ship “Barque Warrior”.

Up until the 1870s, the town struggled to grow due to the obstructed transport back up to Perth. The town suddenly grew when the value of the local hardwood trees Karri and Jarrah was recognised and local sawmills were setup.

Augusta and Walpole 002

Panorama of Augusta

Beautiful place I wish we had stayed there.

Augusta and Walpole 003

Looking over to the Jetty at Augusta

After we made our detour to Augusta, we got back on track and headed to Walpole. On the way we passed through Pemberton which I had originally wanted to stay at, we found a “Marron Farm” Marron are kind of like a mixture between a yabbie and a crayfish, they are fresh water and they are regulated, so that you can only actually catch them in the wild maybe 3 or 4 days per year. We brought ours live, but they guy had to make sure The Bloke had the correct paper work because if we got caught travelling with it live, we would get a HUGE fine.. The one the Bloke chose was 578 grams and it cost $68 per kilo,… so expensive little nipper. But he deserved a treat and so tomorrow he’ll buy himself some fresh bread and enjoy his Marron, the first he’s tried.

Augusta and Walpole 017He’s still alive! We had to put him in the freezer for a while to make him sleepy and then plunge him in to boiling salted water for 8 minutes..

Augusta and Walpole 018

He was quite big!

Augusta and Walpole 019

Now he’s cooked so he’s bright red!

Once we got to our camp site, we chose a powered site this time so we can charge up all the lamps, and use the kettle and give the phones, lap top and ipads a good recharge! Set up our tents and settled into our new home “Camp Coldmine

So once we were all set up we realised we didn’t have a pot big enough to cook the Marron, so off we went to the shops to explore.. we found the pot and got a few bits n pieces, snacks and thing before returning to camp, only to discover while we were away we had some visitors.

So there ends another day of travel, breaking down camp, setting up camp and a shower.. yes hot shower, and hair washing!! I love that feeling most of all.. tomorrow we are doing some laundry, it’s the little things that make the difference.

Tomorrow we are exploring the surrounds and there’s a beach just over the fence… but I don’t think it’s a real beach, I can’t hear any waves!!

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