Big Lap WA 2015- Day 20- Valley of the Giants

Today was all about Sight seeing and exploring the area surrounding Walpole… I’ve been pronouncing it wrong.. it’s pronounced WARpole…. go figure.. some kinda silent R! And while I am on the subject of things I didn’t know or have been saying wrong.. I found out just two days ago in the bottom of Lake Cave that the two animals on the Australian Coat of arms.. the Kangaroo and the Emu were chosen for a specific reason… well I didn’t know that.. they were chosen because they are the only two animals that CANNOT walk backwards and so the Motto is something to do with Australia always going forward.. who knew? Apparently both my men did! I have always said I will never eat Kangaroo or Emu because they are on our money ( and coat of arms) now I most definitely never will!

This morning we went into the Information place to find out about tickets for the “giant tree top walk” let me confess right here this was NOT my idea of fun at all.. I don’t like heights. I don’t mind going up there, but don’t make me stand there and look down over any edges. Still I went because for some reason BOYS like to do that kind of thing. These trees truly deserve the title of Giant.. but more about that later. In the Information place we booked he tickets for that and then booked in for tomorrows 10.30am tour of the Wilderness cruise, since today was fully booked and we have a 2.5 hour cruise for tomorrow morning. We were originally going to be leaving tomorrow BUT the Bloke rang our next stop which will be Albany about 1 1/2 hours drive to book Heidi in for her 150,000 service and we can’t get her in till Monday, we all sounded like complete fools when we are asking each other “What day is it anyways?”  So Heidi has a date with the mechanic at 8.00am on Monday and we have a booking for Middleton Beach Caravan park on Saturday. So we ended up booking an extra night here and had some more planning for tomorrow.

Before we did Valley of the Giants we decided to do the nearby “Tingle Trees” these are amazingly huge trees, if something happens to them they become hollow and keep growing, so there are huge trees which are hollow.. most of the people made it to the little information shed and took photos of that Tingle tree and then got in their cars and drove away, when in fact the REAL Tingle tree we were here to see was 300 meters down the winding path, and THAT Tingle tree is estimated to be some 400 years old and 25 meters around its base (about 82 feet around) really impressive, sad though that so many people by passed the little wander and missed its gloriousness.. not us, I got to hug that tree! These Tingle trees only grow in a 6,000 hectare areas between two rivers. So we felt like spending time with these trees was a privilege.

Back to camp for lunch and cleaned up, did a load of laundry and then hung that out and made our way to “The Valley of the Giants,” to do the tree top walk. The highest point was 40 meters off the ground which is old scale is about 140 feet. I think I did well to do that walk, I was so scared my feet were sweating! I look like I’m smiling you can’t see the terror in my eyes!!

So we spent a leisurely two hours wandering around looking at trees and taking photos and then had an ice cream.

On the way back to camp we made a side detour ( we’re good at those) and went to Conspicuous Beach  which was a lovely beach a bit further up the coast from where we are staying.

Now it’s past dinner time, the camp is quiet, the Mumma Roo and her joey have been by for a visit. During the night we were awoken by scrabbling and the sounds of something in our rubbish, when the Bloke went out there was a HUGE Male Roo riffling through our rubbish looking for dinner… he didn’t back away when the Bloke got dressed and went out to rescue the rubbish bag.. lessons learnt don’t leave rubbish in bags hanging around. The camp next to us left the back of their car undone and lost all their bread and their fruit.. either a ‘roo or a possum enjoyed their dinner.

So check back tomorrow for more adventures..

6 thoughts on “Big Lap WA 2015- Day 20- Valley of the Giants

    • Thanks!! It has been amazing so far zany not even half way through, starting to miss my babies though! It’s hard with such ordinary internet access to add the amount of photos I’d like to share! I’m just picking a few faves! Also I don’t want to put you all to sleep with too many tree and rock photos lol

  1. Have to admit I am not a fan of man made heights, it was an incident on a roller coaster that started it but to walk amongst those giants I might have been tempted 😀

    • I had to force myself Paula! But then I read how they constructed it and how very carefully out was done to protect but also share these amazing trees so I was glad I forced myself!

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