Big Lap WA 2015- Day 22- Albany WA

So there have been a few places in this trip that I have loved and wished to spend more time at..

  • Leeuwin National Park (it was quiet and basic and there was NOTHING to do but relax)
  • Coalmine Beach (same reason and close to the water)

But today as soon as we drove down to this caravan park at Middleton Beach, it was love at first sight! I think this is about as close as I get to feeling the same love I felt at Mission Beach in QLD except there is no tropical lushness here.. but the beach, oh the beach!!

walpole and Albany 024

My Star Son is a little sick of all my Panorama shots, I guess he shouldn’t have showed me how to take them then!

walpole and Albany 025

One small taste tester photo of Middleton Beach foreshore.

We are staying at Middleton Beach Holiday Park the people in the campo next to us at Coalmine Beach are from Albany and the Mother suggested this place and we know Big 4 are the best there is and Star Son can always find children to hang around with in a Big 4. We got here fairly early, we left camp Coalmine Beach at 9.00am, and had planned to stop at Dinosaur world on the way through and spend maybe an hour or so, as it turned out, we drove there at 9.15am and it didn’t open till 10 am and there was no way I could ask the Blokes to sit around and wait for 45 minutes so we bypassed Dinosaur world sadly! I was REALLY looking forward to going there.

On the way through to Albany we saw a sign to “Williams Bay” so on impulse we took a detour, we had extra time since Dinosaur world had been bypassed. It was a National park and the views were beautiful.

walpole and Albany 019

Here is Star Son observing “his” National Park and Williams Bay

walpole and Albany 020

Wild and Angry sea, but so beautiful.

walpole and Albany 021

I wish we could have gone snorkelling there.

walpole and Albany 022

The Girls enjoyed the brief stop at William’s Bay

walpole and Albany 023

Will and his Sign!

After our little detour we kept driving and before we knew it we were entering Denmark, we had decided to stop there and get something to eat but as usual we drove through it and then decided “lets just keep going” The plan was to get to Albury and get camp set up early enough so that the Boys could go and watch the Grand Final on the Big Screen, so it was I think the fastest camp set up ever!

I couldn’t care less about the football my team, is Will’s team “Rupertswood” and so when they finish for the year football looses it’s interest for me. The AFL team I follow is the Tigers or Richmond and they made it to the first week of finals and lost so again, who cares? Football holds no interest to me… but I had to have a little giggle to myself when MY boys are off in the theatrette watching the Football on the large screen and mostly everyone else has locked themselves into their caravans to watch the game and all I can hear are people screaming, cussing, swearing at their TV’s.. I wanted to yell
Hello… we are far away from our homes, why are you sitting inside your caravans watching a football game and worse yet swearing at the decisions being made.. as though your swearing will change anything, they can’t hear you” and to my Bloke I said “5,000 kilometres from home and you want to sit and watch a football game on a TV screen” I made a life changing decision right there…. when we ever get a caravan and the day is drawing closer.. there will NOT be a screen in it. The Football today was between a Western Australian team (we are in the state of Western Australia) and a Victorian team, I don’t like either of the teams but I am loyal to my state so if I had to chose any it would have been the Hawks.. Hawthorn. All game I could hear various people cheering or booing or cussing and getting heated and I just sat and read my book, and when the Victorian team won… the whole caravan park suddenly went deathly quiet, literally you could hear a pin drop! Thank Goodness that’s over for another year! Maybe now we can get back to the fact that we are in another state 5,000 kilometres from home, new places to see, new things to explore.

Our camp site is right next to the playground and the Ablutions block, that makes me happy. There is also a path down to the beach not far away, we had a quick walk on the beach today but I look forward to exploring that a bit more.

This afternoon we hit the supermarket and had take aways for dinner the Bloke has been craving fish ‘n’ chips like I have been craving vegetables.. he won, we had fish ‘n’ chips at the look out.

Today back in country Victoria my Niece Danielle is getting married, I was sad that we would be missing her special day, but my daughter Jasmin and (in 56 days my son-in-law) Brett went to the wedding and Jasmin has been texting me photos this afternoon of her and my brother Bill and Jasmin and my sister in law Leanne and the beautiful bride Danielle. So even though I am far away from the action I was able to see what was happening.

56 more days and then I will be Mother of the Bride.. eeekk… I’d really best get on the hunt for that special dress…

As we were coming into Albany.. actually to be exact we were 12 kilometres out of Albany, we marked our 5,000th kilometre travelled on this trip. I’m pretty impressed with that in 22 days. We haven’t even yet begun the long trek back home. We still have Wave Rock, Esperance and Fraser Range Station to go before we turn and head for home. We have planned the return to route to stay at different places than we did on the way over and we have booked in Melbourne Cup weekend (October 30 till Nov 3rd) to go to Halls Gap in Victoria and meet up with my Bestie Deanne and her family for a camping trip.. that will leave us about 6 days before we are due home and that means we can explore some more of the world out that way!

I have found my rhythm with my reading again, and in the past few days I’ve finished two books and started a third, so book reviews coming up maybe tomorrow. Needless to say my “Read Aussie Authors” challenge is coming along nicely. I think I roughly counted that I’ve read 22 Australian Author books so far this year!

Plus I am also reading “God Chicks” by Holly Wagner, it’s a 90 day devotional about creating a more deeper relationship with God. So lots of things happening around here.

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