Big Lap WA 2015- Albany days 23 and 24

Catching up… sorry about that.. internet has been sketchy and I hate it when I have to struggle with internet.. so I just don’t, which means now I have days to catch up on and that’s why I am doing all the Albany ones here together.

Albany and Wave Rock 001

University of  Albany… I just loved the building.

Albany and Wave Rock 004

Sculpture at the local park

Albany and Wave Rock 005

Same park different sculpture

Albany and Wave Rock 006

Organic Food Market and another nice building.

Albany and Wave Rock 007

Street Scape

Albany started off wonderfully and I loved it until the winds started. I cannot stress enough the value of a Southern Cross tent. I am talking about winds that were 40 kilometres an hour and it was bitterly cold.. we went to bed at 8.00pm with our books/ipads and just snuggled and read or the boys played with their ipad to keep warm. I must confess I am having some serious caravan longings. So we went to the Caravan show and walked through them all and played the game “If I had the money I’d buy this one..” but in the end we decided we’d wait and get our Ursula Ultimate. After the caravan show we went to the Boat sheds to a craft market and then noticed a second market this one was all about organic foods and then we found a third which was more of a handy craft bric a brac kind of market and we commented on how many markets there were on a Sunday, soon we were to realise why… NOTHING else is open bar the fast food places an a small IGA supermarket on a Sunday, hello, did I just go back in time to the 80’s when shops shut on Sundays?! very bizarre feeling.

Albany and Wave Rock 016

Before the weather turned bad, I was able to enjoy the sand.

Albany and Wave Rock 015

We stopped at the ANZAC memorial (so we thought) but in fact we had taken the wrong turn and instead just saw the memorial garden and look out, which we thought was pretty impressive the Star Son on the other hand bitched and moaned about how boring it all was and wanted to go back to camp and hang out with his new friend Alex, they spent most of their time in the heated spa and the games room. But while he was there he wasn’t annoying us too much and I got some serious reading done.

Albany and Wave Rock 008

One of the local Churches there were about 4 different congregations in the one street.

Albany and Wave Rock 009

Memorial to the WW1 Soldiers

Albany and Wave Rock 010

Gallipoli Look out

Albany and Wave Rock 011

Overlooking the Bay of Albany

Albany and Wave Rock 012

More from the look out.

Albany and Wave Rock 013

Look out views

 We had something my home-made spaghetti  for dinner and to avoid the winds we washed the dishes in the camp kitchen and then sat around playing a dice game called Zilch to keep ourselves entertained.

Albany and Wave Rock 017

our little hire car and the pouring rain, we have already taken down Star Son’s tent!!

Albany and Wave Rock 018

This is my “not happy Jan” face. Because we have limited space I stupidly thought it would be warmer in this part of Australia so I brought ONE jumper.. this is it.. it was wet, I was wet, it was raining hard, it was windy and I was VERY miserable. On a positive note I could have kissed Jasmin for picking this sweater for me it’s so warm and thick!

Monday ( Day 24) The Bloke had Heidi booked in for her 150,000 kilometre service and so the car would be gone most of the day and the Bloke checked the weather report and it wasn’t looking good, so he hired us a little car to go and do some trips and sight-seeing. When he came back to camp I was making breakfast in the camp kitchen because the wind was so strong I couldn’t light the gas camping stove and a man in there told us the weather was going to get “really bad, with hail and thunderstorms” so I suggested to the Bloke since he had already paid another night for us to stay over, why don’t we see if we can upgrade to a cabin and pack up camp before the weather got too bad… no sooner had we locked in the cabin for that night.. the rain started and it took us the rest of the day in between rain and hail, to get our camp site packed up and moved over to the cabin.  It was horrible weather.

Albany and Wave Rock 019

The Whaling Station.. our sight-seeing consisted of driving past and clicking photos

Albany and Wave Rock 020

The bay was NOT a happy place to be..

Albany and Wave Rock 021

Grain Silos that load grains onto huge cargo ships.

Albany and Wave Rock 022

The Brig Amity

Albany and Wave Rock 023

The Gates to the Anzac Memorial


I did manage to get to the shops and get my swim suit which was what I’d been trying to do on Sunday before we realised that nothing opens on Sunday! So we spent the night in a tiny little cabin, but it had a TV and it had a heater and a decent shower.

I wanted to give this caravan park a 5 star rating but the water pressure in the ablutions block was horrible and only luke warm it’s what stopped me from giving it a 5 star rating. But oh boy, a hot shower, dinner and a decent bed for the night put the smile back on my face and that was a good start for the next leg of the trip to Hyden and Wave Rock..




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