Big Lap WA 2015- Day 25 and 26- Hyden Wave Rock

After leaving Albany, I couldn’t get out of there quick enough! we checked the weather report and jumped for joy when we saw 25C and low over night minimum, I don’t care about overnight,  my Bloke is like a hot water bottle I am never cold.

Our first stop along the way was going to be Porongurup National Park, where we were going to see “Castle Rock” which is a place I had ear marked the whole trip, it has a glass look out and so we got there about an hour after we left and found a park only to realise we had to have a Parks pass, but I refused point-blank to pay $12.00 to go to one look out. If we had more time to spend longer there and do some of the other attractions I would not hesitate to stop and pay, the money does important work but not for that one thing, so I got back in the car and told the Bloke “just keep driving” and on we went.

Albany and Wave Rock 025

Some interesting mountain shapes.. I was once told by an Art teacher “mountains are NEVER pointy” Sorry Rod I beg to differ!

Albany and Wave Rock 026

That is definitely pointy!

Albany and Wave Rock 027

We decided that we would stop somewhere along the way and pick up some lunch so we chose “Pingrup” which was “supposed” to have a 24 hour fuel station and restaurant.. well.. all I can say is “Are they for REAL?”  So first of all wed rove past it because it was like a ghost town and we didn’t think it was a real building, then we went back and got out of the car and it was for real like some horror film, deadly silent except for the squeak of some slow turning windmill somewhere, I couldn’t even see that… we went to the door and it creaked open and a lady was standing there. The Bloke also knows as “Bloke have a chat” started talking to her and asks “What foods do you have for lunch?” we are looking around at this bare, dirty looking one room, with one old creaky table and two chairs and a bain marie which was cold and empty it was only 12.00pm so we hadn’t missed the lunch rush, apparently there isn’t one! So she says

“wellllll.. we don’t have anything but that don’t mean I caint make ya something, depending on what it is…”

Right away I’ve lost my appetite and just wanna get out of here, so Star Son says

“I’ll have hot chips” and I said

“I’m not that hungry I’ll have a few of his chips” (I’m mentally checking out the food box in the car I know I have apples and cheese and some break, I wont starve) The Bloke says

“well we will have some chips and maybe a few dim sims” quick as a flash she says

” I caint cook no dim sims, sorry!” Then she tells us she’s just the baby sitter for the shop the owner is also the post man and he’s on a mail run. So the Bloke says

“Well how far to the next town?” and she sighs in relief ( like yay! they’re going away!) and then she snaps

“Well which way are ya going?” I quickly said

“to Lake Grace”

She said “oh that’s about 50 kilometres or so up the road”

“OH” says the Bloke, “maybe we’ll wait and get something there” and Star Son and I are out the door so fast I swear we left a trail.

Ok, so we watch too much TV I guess but even the Bloke was glad to get outta that town. A little ways down the road there’s a huge black snake sunning himself right across the road and sadly we were going too fast and he was moving too slow so we ran him over, Star Son missed the whole episode so we turned around and went back to see.

Albany and Wave Rock 029

Sorry Mr Snake.. we didn’t mean to hurt you.

Albany and Wave Rock 030

People come from all over the world to enjoy the wildflowers of Western Australia, these are for my “Sweet Pea”‘

Albany and Wave Rock 031

Lake Grace, a Salt Lake dried up.

Albany and Wave Rock 032

Pano of Lake Grace

Albany and Wave Rock 033

I just find these photos haunting, I don’t know why I love the Desert I just do!

Albany and Wave Rock 034

It was a huge Dried Lake bed.

Albany and Wave Rock 035

Heidi and Matilda with Lake Grace

2.50pm= We arrived at Hyden, after stopping at the tiny Town of Lake Grace and found someone who would feed us and was much friendlier about it as well.. b the time we set up camp, let me tell you the sites were tiny and we felt really cramped, but it’s a place to stay and happily for me it was full sun shine and a coolish breeze, yay no evil cyclonic winds.. also though not much internet! Once camp was squished in and set up we went for a walk up the “Rock” meaning of course, “Wave rock” we didn’t actually see the “Wave” until later, we originally thought it was else where and planned to drive to it the next day so as we were heading back to camp after our little explore we rounded the corner and all three gasped..

Albany and Wave Rock 071

This is why it’s called “Wave Rock “

This is the Bloke trying to climb it..

Albany and Wave Rock 063

Wave Rock was the Blokes choice of Sight seeing, although I do love me a good rock.

Albany and Wave Rock 065

He was like a Star Struck teenager, seeing this up close, feeling the warmth of the rock and just looking at its brilliance.

Albany and Wave Rock 067

This rock is at least 60 million years old.. finally something older than the Bloke.

Albany and Wave Rock 072

He’s a Happy Bloke!

Albany and Wave Rock 069

And if that’s all it takes to make him happy, I’m happy too.

So we went to bed smiling that night, because He had seen his rock and in the morning we were going to explore it some more.

Day 25- Warm and Sunny, my fave weather report. We had an early start the three young boys in the tent next to us we awake at 5.45am EEEK!  Our first thing on today’s agenda was to walk around the rock and on it and touch it and do as much “Rock Stuff” as we could stand. Our first walk was a short one to “Hippos Yawn”

 Wave Rock 006

Hippos Yawn… wonder why they called it that?

Wave Rock 002

Just a short walk to “warm us up”

Wave Rock 007

The Bloke and the Hippo

Wave Rock 008

Star Son hiding..

Wave Rock 009

Hippo yawning..

Once we’d done that walk we decided to go to the Wildlife park just across the road and see what we could find.

Then it was back to camp for lunch before we headed to see “Mulka’s Cave” and the Humps. The story about Mulka’s Cave is that he was an Indigenous man, an illegitimate son of a woman who fell in love with a forbidden man, she bore Mulka who had crossed eyes and believed that it was the curse of her forbidden love. He was extremely tall and strong and fast but his crossed eyes prevented him from throwing the spear straight so out of frustration he began eating local children and was banished to this cave. That’s the short version, maybe google it for the rest but anyways this cave has paintings in it and the Bloke wanted to see those so we travelled 19 kilometres to see it..

After all the rock walking and the Wild life enjoying we decided we needed a rest s we went to the local pub for dinner… plus I really needed some vegetables..

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